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The team behind Deadpool has drilled deep down into the depths of the Earth and struck an plentiful, high-pressured and far-reaching oil well of creative juices. Such was the perfect storm of Ryan Reynolds's solo venture — the content almost creates itself.

Reynolds fits snuggly into the skin of Wade Wilson, to the extent much of the film's marketing campaign was centered around the character itself. Video after viral video used Deadpool's quick wit and unrelenting sharp tongue to raise the profile of the movie.

Wading Through Creative Ideas

These creative juices also spilled over into the feature film, with Reynolds himself explaining that they had to cut a lot of material from the final, close-knit runtime of under two hours. But, the theater's loss is the home viewers gain, with an abundance of chimichangas for everyone on the Blu-ray release.

Part of the cluster of extra R-rated Deadpool goodies includes a number of deleted scenes which were left on the cutting room floor. Or, more apt for current times, nestled away in the electronic trash can on someone's Mac.

One Deleted Scene Shows Deadpool Dying

One particular deleted scene shows an entirely different chain of events at a crucial point in the movie. Following Wilson's damaging and testicle-with-teeth inducing Weapon X treatment, he attempts to go and visit Vanessa, but a mixture of leering glances and a reflection of his own image convinces him not to.

In the alternative version, when Wade crosses the road, he gets his by a truck and dies. The flip side of Weapon X treatment is that with accelerated healing powers Wade laughs in the face of death, so a later shot shows him "waking" up in a bodybag.

If you've not had enough Deadpool (until the sequel, of course) then watch the clip below:

Deadpool was released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 10.

Do you think the deleted scene should've been kept in the movie?

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