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(Warning: The following contains mention of an already widely discussed casting-related SPOILER for the upcoming 'Rogue One,' as well as plot SPOILERS for a handful of Darth Vader comic books. Beyond that, there are also theoretical SPOILERS for an entirely theoretical future Star Wars movie — so proceed with whatever level of caution all of that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, with Episodes VIII and IX, Rogue One, and Han Solo's solo movie already on the horizon (and a Boba Fett movie widely expected to follow them), you might well think that there's not a whole lot of room in Disney's upcoming Star Wars schedule for any additional solo movies, or indeed for speculation regarding what the heck they might be. Check out the trailer for Rogue One below:

And yet...

There's A Pretty Good Chance That Rogue One Could Set Up A Darth Vader Solo Movie

Rogue One is, after all, seemingly set to feature everyone's favorite black-armored, traitorous former podracer in a key role — suggesting that the folks over at Lucasfilm have found a way to bring the iconic villain back to the screen in a new, exciting — yet respectful — manner.

With that being the case, then...

Could We See Rogue One Lead Directly Into A Darth Vader Solo Movie?

Well, yes, in theory. While there's no guarantee that Disney or Lucasfilm has any interest in doing so — there's a pretty solid chance that Vader is seen as a property best left in the shadows, or reserved for a future time of greater need — there's also the possibility that he's being lined up for what would surely be a hugely financially successful cinematic adventure.

With a likely role as a central antagonist in Rogue One, there's every possibility that Vader could find himself in possession of a fair few dangling plot threads by the end of this December — and with there being every chance that much of Rogue One's principal cast won't survive its running time, that could mean that a follow-up movie would make more sense as a Vader vehicle. After all, he's one of the only characters we know has to survive the film — and there's plenty of time around and in between the events of the original trilogy that could be explored from the perspective of the fallen Jedi.

Is There An Even More Compelling Possibility, Though?

Specifically, that Lucasfilm could simply go ahead and directly adapt Marvel's notably successful comic book take on Darth Vader, as written by Kieron Gillen.

After all, who wouldn't want to watch as Darth Vader force choked Jabba the Hutt...

...quipped existentially (and terrifyingly)...

...hung around with Boba Fett...

...or even discovered, in astonishingly heartbreaking fashion, that he had a son?

I mean, honestly, just the chance to watch a James Earl Jones-voiced Vader realize that he has a child — and to see that realization transform into a glass-shattering shift in his internal world — would be worth the price of admission alone.

So, can someone persuade Kieron Gillen to start working on that screenplay, while someone else badgers Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy to get the thing made when it arrives? Or at least start some sort of shiny new petition to that effect?

After all, a Darth Vader solo movie might not be guaranteed — but there's always the possibility of it happening, and a solid chance of it being something truly special. So why shouldn't we hold out a little hope?

What do you think, though?


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