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The love and admiration the Harry Potter actors have for one another is immeasurable, and earlier this week two former cast members decided to share the heartwarming news of a touching reunion.

Lucius Malfoy reunited with his beloved son Draco in what appears to be an image taken with oversized house-elf Dobby. The Malfoy meet-up took place at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and, understandably, the Slytherins sent the entire Potter fandom wild on social media.

Actor Tom Felton, posing with his on-screen dad Jason Isaacs, lovingly captioning the image:

Old friends.

The latter also took to Instagram to share another snap of the fictional father-son duo in front of a crowd during a Q&A at the expo:

The caption reads:

Back by popular indifference: the Malfoy reunion tour hits the road. . @t22felton .

Fantastic! I don't know about you guys, but the above has given me all the Harry Potter nostalgia feels:

Which two Harry Potter characters would you love to see reunite?


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