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Matthew Chapman

A single mom NYPD homicide detective cracks case after case while raising wild twin boys and locking horns with her less than helpful police detective ex-husband.

The Mysteries Of Laura
The Mysteries Of Laura

My Season One review can be found here!

I loved Season One but got a little nervous about this season; can the magic last for another year?

It does!

It’s obviously still a cop show, a good and smart one, but it’s also funny as well as a lot of family drama which makes the show different and entertaining.

Debra Messing and the rest of the cast are still awesome to watch, individually and in groups. While this is Messing’s show, no one is overshadowed and everyone get his or her time to shine with and without Debra Messing.

We do lose Meg Steedle, who played Frankie Pulaski, over the season break with only a couple of seconds of explanation and it’s just the usual transferred out excuse.

As I said in my Season One review, which still applies to Season Two “It’s amazingly written, exceptionally acted, quirky, funny, refreshing, different and yet down to earth and normal.”

Will most definitely be watching Season Three.


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