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Good Evening Mouseketeers!

The latest update comes from the announcement made by John BlackBurn, the SVP & GM. of Disney Infinity; the production of this video game and figurine line will officially discontinue and furthermore, Avalanche software studio will be shutting down following Disney's statement to stop video game production in general.

Why are they stopping production & shutting down? Based on the information that has been released to us, the media and general public, the earning report state that:

"Disney said it will write down a $147 million charge in connection with the shutdown of its console business, largely due to Infinity. The company's latest earnings report cites "lower results for Infinity" as part of the reason for a slight decrease in revenues and income from its Consumer Products & Interactive Media division."

For the Disney company, a million dollar downfall, as well as over 300 jobs being lost, is not good with respect to all the upcoming price tags that they are currently facing with all the jumbled changes that they are working on. If this loss is true then that would explain Disney's sudden price changing, such as adding new ticket offers, increasing or decreasing tickets based on season as well as increasing their prices once more with respect to parking and hotels.

However, for some young and old Mouseketeers, the loss of Disney Infinity brings on heavy hearts for children and parents since the purpose was to bring storybook characters to life within the comfort of their homes. Whether or not Disney Infinity was created in response to the popular game software of Skylander, is solely what you believe to be correct. When comparing both side by side, the "magic" behind the game concepts allows children to play with a favorite character of their choice and complete character themed missions or turn the sole mission into a grouped effort. For Disney Infinity, this "magic", as Graham Smith, a writer from, is "Expensive, plastic magic", even though both have the game play concept. Though, solely pointing a finger at Disney for being the solely expensive magic is overlooking the fact that they are simply in competition with the high prices of Skylander's as well.

Based on the opinions and comments of parents and other adults whom have bought Disney Infinity before, via. Facebook and product reviews, there are mixtures of both heavy hearts & concerned minds; here's what some had to say:

"That's such a shame! As a "grown-up" (I use that term loosely) it's great that my daughter and family can play together, then when the little ones go to bed, I can play with the Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy play sets. I associate far more with Disney Infinity than with Sky Landers... It'll be a shame to see it go" -James Cullen
" I'm not surprised. It was a great idea and a fun game, but the execution and planning were poor. Instead of building on itself, each release was all new and older characters weren't good for much. Meanwhile characters like Aladdin, Jasmine, Jack Skellington, Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, etc. were all just characters that had nothing to do. I was hoping there was some kind of plan to pull it all together, but sadly there wasn't. Such grand potential. Maybe someone with the vision and the planning can resurrect Disney Infinity and make it what it could have been. -Spencer Vollmer
"They were doing it wrong. They were making entirely new Infinity games with "2.0" or "3.0" in the title, making them sound like expansions, But rather than expansions, they were like entirely separate things. I think Infinity would have been more worthwhile if they were creating one big, ever expanding universe with Disney worlds and characters crossing into each other's world, rather than making Infinity 2.0 feel like an avengers game and 3.0 feel like Star Wars. Infinity should have been run by someone else with real heart and love and appreciation for video games and/or Disney. I could have done it. They were only trying to sell toys; nothing more." -Vincent Gore

"They should of packaged the characters better. 1 character @ $15 a piece. that's ridicules! it should of been like 4x characters at $20-25 a set. That's not even including the $89-100 machine you have to buy along side your console. That is a big turn off to consumers. They need to rethink it and make it a Digital Format for characters with their own world that friends can join, and Opponents can join. $5 a character, and then you don't need a spare Machine. and the Cost is negoiable & manageable for most families and players. Whom often get bored, & want to play it casually from time to time. but not stay hooked." -Robert Siemon

Vincent Gore & Robert Siemon were on the right track with targeting the flaws of the game production itself; it's not agreeable to pay $24.95 for 1 figure that cannot be used with the 2.0 or 3.0; yet, for some parents, they had used this game production as a way to connect themselves better with their children with something that they grew up with: Disney Characters.

We are all entitled to our own opinions about different topics, such as this one, even if many of us do or do not agree with the thoughts of other individuals. Yet, it's a common practice to listen, consider and even understand that Disney Infinity wasn't as big of a failure as everyone claims it to be. They did succeed in bringing forth their objective: To bring favored characters to life for a family to enjoy together across the globe. Proof of this was from the studio's latest statements:

Our goal for Disney Infinity was to bring the best of Disney storytelling to life in homes around the world, and with your support we accomplished that. We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we had making it.

With that success, the game studio continued to creating this game production since that was the main key that brought the studio together, forming a strong bond with the team itself to see themselves through. Currently, they also released another statement in regards to what they have in store before they officially close:

So what’s next for Disney Infinity? We have two final retail releases coming, including three new characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass later this month, and the Finding Dory Play Set launching in June.

I may not have ever played or purchased these figures or game consoles but plenty of parents and children that I have witnessed, via. Disney store, Disney Outlet Store, Best Buy and Game Stop always had a fun time looking at characters and even working out a chore deal with their children to purchase the figures or consoles. Since it's also true that even parents are guilty of having as much fun playing with the figurines as the children are!


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