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Agents of SHIELD was huge this week! I can't even contain my excitement! So many amazing things can happen in 45 minutes! A comic character returned this week, we all finally realized that another comic character was already on the show, and [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is having an affect on our team. There's so much to discuss! Let's dive in!

1. Civil War Repercussions

So, I don't know if you noticed, but Marvel dropped a gigantic movie event over the weekend. Captain America: Civil War barreled into theaters and threw the entire MCU into chaos. Suffice to say, the episode and this review contain SPOILERS, so if you don't like SPOILERS, or you don't want SPOILERS, then go watch Civil War and return to me because WE HAVE MUCH TO DISCUSS!

Ok, now that SPOILERS have been warned, we can get into Coulson's arc. Talbot, who has yet to change his dumb haircut, has come to be the Tony Stark to Coulson's Steve Rogers. He wants Coulson to register all of his Inhumans under the Sokovia Accords. He tells Coulson that it's time to re-legitimize S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson is weary of the Accords, though. He doesn't want a list of powered people to fall into the wrong hands like one did back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, he decides to start coming clean about everything they're doing.

He reveals Yoyo and her powers as well as Lincoln and his imprisonment. Then, Coulson reminds us of something huge. They still have Lash locked up in the basement. Talbot is not necessarily enthused about this considering Lash's murder-y past.

Rasta Hulk is your husband?! — General Talbot, 2016

Yes, May's homicidal husband is chilling in a white Inhuman jail cell. His dreads are as magnificent as always. Talbot tells Coulson that all of this just proves that the government needs to know what's going on with them. He then asks about Daisy, who is currently Hive'd. Talbot is 100% done with all the Hive nonsense. He wants to scramble jets and blow Hive's base to kingdom come.

Now Coulson has to come completely clean. He tells Fitz-Simmons to give him everything they've got. They reveal that Hive is making a pathogen to turn every human into an Inhuman and immediately Hive them. Coulson reminds them that he needed Kree blood and they handled that last week. However, he also totally forgot about the GH325. He and Daisy have Kree blood inside of them. Hive can use Daisy's blood to "In" as many humans as he can.

2. Average-Age Mutant Ninja Inhumans: Cave-Men In Rubber Masks

Hive has given Daisy a new job to do while they drain her like those fruit elephants on Chowder. She's supposed to get Lincoln to come to her. Then Hive will Hive him.

While Daisy gets to hacking, Hive checks on his Inhuman-ation experiments. Everything is ready. All they need now are test subjects. It's a good thing all the Inhuman haters have banded together and put on dog masks like idiots.

Hive uses James, who is actually James Taylor James, as bait for the Watchdogs. In the comics, James Taylor James is one of the Secret Warriors. He uses his powers to light a chain whip on fire and whip people. Cool right? His alter ego is Hellfire, which I think has to do with the fire and chains and whipping.

Anyway, they capture the Watchdogs and return them to the lab to be transformed.

Hellfire shoves the Watchdogs in a shipping container and the doctor pumps in the mixture to transform them. When they open the container, they find the ugliest abominations a TV budget can buy. These guys look gross. They are super strong however, and they are completely obedient to Hive. For some twisted reason Hive thinks they're beautiful. When he shows them to Daisy though, you can tell she's definitely not into it. He tells her he needs all of her blood to make more InInhumans. Daisy's Hive'd, so she has to obey him, but this scene really shows that inside, she's not in agreement with what he's doing. Great acting on Chloe Bennet's part! I really saw Daisy's underlying personality coming through. Good job Chloe!

3. Mack, Fitz, and Simmons Are Having Issues

Our Fitz-Simmons scene this week was basically both of them expressing that they're done. Daisy and Lincoln have pushed them over the edge. They're ready for all of this Hive stuff to end. Lucky for them, May walks through the door and basically says: "It's time for this Hive stuff to end." Fitz and Simmons both want Mack to help, but apparently Daisy shot his confidence.

Once Yoyo shows up, she goes looking for Mack, who's down in the dumps and talking about doom and gloom. Thanks Debby Downer! Way to be hopeful! It's a good thing Yoyo cares about this guy because I don't!

That's pretty much it from this group. You can't give everybody a meaningful arc every episode!

4. Lincoln — Escapes?

Lincoln is all locked up and starts talking to Daisy, who he knows is watching him. Did I miss something? How did he know that? I call plot hole! Daisy hacks into the big window screen and tells him she'll help him escape. She helps him McGyver his way out and sends him to find a Quin-Jet to escape on. He nearly gets caught by May, but seemingly makes it to the Jet.

5. An Ending I Didn't See Coming

Talbot is FURIOUS that Lincoln escaped. As he lays into Coulson, Lincoln and May walk around the corner. Talbot has a really dumb look on his face and has no idea what's going on (like me). Lincoln didn't get on the Jet, but someone did! May put Lash on the Quin-Jet! When he arrives at Hive's base, we learn that Lash can block Hive's bugs and he uses his powers to unHive Daisy!

Lash carries Daisy to the Jet. Moments later though, Hellfire slings a flaming chain through his chest. Lash is dead, but Daisy is free and headed home! All of this is brought to you by Agent Melinda May — the lady who can do anything! Ming Na Wen, you're amazing, never stop acting!

The only scene left is the post-credits scene. This week it was Yoyo, trying to comfort Mack. After trying to lift his spirits, she hands him something: It's the necklace! The cross necklace that's floating in the Quin-Jet in Daisy's vision of the future! Mack will apparently be the agent to die! I'm OK with that!


  • Is Lash really dead?
  • Will Hive need more blood from Daisy or Coulson?!
  • How is May dealing with Andrew's death?
  • Will Hellfire switch sides?
  • Will we here more about the Sokovia Accords and who decides to register?
  • Will Mack give the death necklace to someone else?
  • Can Fitz-Simmons have more screen time to be a cute couple?!?!

The season isn't over yet! The next few weeks are sure to bring some crazy reveals! I'll be here to tell you all about them! What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Let me know in the comments!


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