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Next year, we're finally seeing the Justice League together on the big screen, but who will they face? After Batman's "Knightmare" scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, many of us assumed Darkseid would be the one to take on the heroes, but a report from Birth.Movies.Death says otherwise. The site claims that we've already seen the villain, in a deleted scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The alien seen speaking to Lex Luthor in this deleted scene in Steppenwolf. In the comic books he is a member of Darkseid's Elite and is a General on the planet of Apokolips. Whilst he's not got the name recognition of Darkseid or Braniac, Steppenwolf could be a big enough foe to unite the Justice League, and then save Darkseid for the slated sequel.

There's a lot Zack Snyder could do with a fairly unknown character like Steppenwolf, I'm interested to see his motivations and what he actually does in the film. We learn in Batman V Superman that Lex has come into contact with some alien being and warns Batman of his arrival. We only find out during the deleted scene what this alien looks like.

Birth.Movies.Death also points out that we'll get a look at Darkseid in Justice League: Part One, towards the end of the film, similar to Thanos' reveal in The Avengers.

Justice League: Part One is slated for release November 17th 2017.


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