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Supervillains are what make every superhero film fantastic. Many fans have been excited to see their favorite supervillains appear on screen, but than quickly get disappointed with the outcome. Here are the top ten amazing supervillains we desperately wish to see come back to life.

The Mandarin

There is no doubt that The Mandarin is Iron Man's greatest enemy in the comics. Fans were teased with the ten rings of power in the very first Iron Man film. The rings were shown as the terrorist's group symbol. When the Iron Man 3 trailer emerged, fans of the comics couldn't hold it in when we were teased with The Mandarin. Unfortunately Hollywood turned The Mandarin into a jealous guy (Killian) that spits fire. We are hoping the true Mandarin comes back to the big screen some day.

Malekith the Accursed

This villain, no doubt looked awesome. The only problem was not much went on with him in [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462). Malekith is the ruler of the Dark Elves that wants to plunge the world into darkness. This all sounds very awesome, but fans were disappointing to see his army doing more bad-ass things than Malekith himself. He kinda just....stood around and barked orders. That's not the Malekith we wished for.

Batroc the Leaper

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an unexpected surprise once it hit theaters. When fans heard that comic favorite Batroc the Leaper would be in the film, all kinds of excitement arose. What we got instead was a three minute fight scene and that was all. Batroc is a loved super-villain that was just used as a throwaway side cameo. Hopefully he will reappear in the MCU soon.

Baron Strucker

In the comics, Baron Strucker is one of the greatest heads of Hydra and has planned world domination plenty of times over. In Avengers: Age of Ultron Strucker is used as another throwaway side villain. He plans to take out the Avengers and then just decides to surrender to them. Not the Baron Strucker we all know and love.


The Incredible Hulk was a pretty exciting film give or take. We were excited to see the Leader be hinted at near the end of the film through the scientist Samuel Sterns. The sequel was never created due to Edward Norton's extreme attitudes. We are still hoping that Leader will show up though. If Thunderbolt Ross can be brought back than why not the all intelligent Leader.


Now personally I thought Ultron was awesome in Age of Ultron. Ultron is one of The Avengers greatest threats in the comics and has been show to continually evolve. Ultron has also been made to be practically invincible. We as fans, are hoping to see Ulton again in his new and updated form, this time as a bigger threat.

This list wasn't necessarily stating that these super-villains were bad on screen. We as fans just wish they could have been a bit more epic. Sadly that won't happen with most of these.

What other MCU villains deserve a re-do? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


Which MCU villain deserves the re-do?


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