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She has played a supreme witch, the star performer of a freak show and the head of an insane asylum, but which American Horror Story character is Jessica Lange's greatest? With news that Lange has joined AHS creator Ryan Murphy's new series, we'll just have to get used to Lange's absence in our favorite show. How do we do that? By reliving all the horrifically beautiful memories she gave us through her four wonderful characters on American Horror Story. Which one was the best though? Let's pit them against each other and find out!

4. Constance Langdon (American Horror Story: Murder House)

The first character that Lange played on American Horror Story was Constance Langdon. In a supporting role, the character wasn't your typical nosy neighbor, as she harbored deadly secrets of her own. Lange played the character magnificently and Constance was arguably the most evil of them all, as she possessed no supernatural ability — she was just evil. Lange's portrayal of Constance won her an Emmy award and opened up the doors to so many more interesting characters that came in the following years.

3. Elsa Mars (American Horror Story: Freak Show)

Elsa Mars is arguably the matriarch of the American Horror Story franchise. Lange went on record saying that Elsa was her favorite of the four characters, and it's evident why: Excellently written with arguably the best backstory of them all, Elsa was full of rich material. She was also a mean bitch who would (and did) step over her friends to reach the golden gates of Hollywood. Lange was excellent as Elsa, and her crowning moments where the musical ones.

From the very first episode of Freak Show, Elsa reeled us in with her freakishly good cover of "Life on Mars," and by the third episode we had completely fallen in love with her when she sang "Gods and Monsters." The ending that Elsa got was perfect for her, and in her own right: She got the stardom that she deserved. As Elsa was Lane's final character to date, it was a perfect sendoff for the woman who made the show the success it is. My only regret is putting Elsa in third place, as I genuinely think she is one of the best characters in television history.

2. Sister Jude Martin (American Horror Story: Asylum)

There is no question that Asylum is the best installment of the franchise. I thoroughly enjoyed Murder House, but I became hooked when Asylum started. One of my favorite fictional characters ever is Judy Martin, or Sister Jude as she is more commonly known. Lange's first leading role in American Horror Story saw her character rule over Briarcliff — an insane asylum. Originally thought to be a cold-hearted bitch, we soon saw the real Jude as her backstory was revealed and, unable to stand for the corruption of the church, she rebelled against those who put her in power. Jude was the moral compass of the show. With many standout moments, specifically "The Name Game" musical sequence, Sister Jude remains as the kindest of Lange's characters and for me, really highlighted just how good an actress Lange truly is. I wish I could put Jude in first place!

1. Fiona Goode (American Horror Story: Coven)

It was a tough choice, but ultimately Lange's best character is none other than The Supreme herself, Fiona Goode — the lead character of American Horror Story: Coven. Despite Coven being arguably the lightest installment in the franchise, Fiona Goode's hunt for power was chilling and that was all down to the way Lange played her. Simply put: Fiona was not a good person, but that didn't stop viewers connecting with her on an emotional level. Everything about her was excellently written, from her "I'm The Supreme" attitude, to her lust for everlasting life and her designer fashion look, which became almost a trademark of the AHS franchise. She was also the first character from the series to receive a POP! Funko Vinyl figure. Fiona is arguably the most compelling character in American Horror Story history, and Lange's portrayal won her an Emmy award. There's not much more I can say on the matter; Fiona is, after all, The Supreme!

So there you have it — four incredible characters over four incredible seasons. Jessica Lange is a force of nature and one of the most celebrated actresses of all time. Whether or not she will return to American Horror Story in the future has yet to be seen, but one things for certain: she will always be The Supreme of American Horror Story.

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