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The Walking Dead is a great show enjoyed by many. The writers, directors and actors all do a brilliant job to bring the world of Robert Kirkman's comics to life.

Andrew Lincoln approves.
Andrew Lincoln approves.

But there is one thing missing in the world of The Walking Dead. One thing that several people worldwide all have in common:

Tattoos! According to this site at least 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. So why the absence in TWD?

None of the main characters have visible tattoos that are a prominent feature in the show. And surely some of them would have had tattoos done pre-apocalypse? Of course tattoos have come up in the show: such as when Daryl shows his scars to Merle in Season 3 as he also reveals two tattoos on his back. But they weren't intended to be a feature, and in fact caused mass confusion as they distracted the audience.

So maybe this could be a reason why TWD doesn't traditionally feature tattoo'd characters? But adding recognisable tattoos would definitely add some interesting plot points to the show. Picture the scene: a character with a recognisable arm tattoo goes missing. Later on, the group finds an arm with the same tattoo.

And tattoos have already featured in Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead, when Alicia gave herself a tattoo matching the Sharpie tattoo drawn on her by her dead boyfriend. The tattoo has yet to come up again, which makes me wonder if it's going to be Alicia's arm that gets found later in Fear The Walking Dead.

Alicia's tattoo
Alicia's tattoo

And lastly: how cool would it be to see a fully tatted walker?!

Zombie Boy would make a great tatted walker!
Zombie Boy would make a great tatted walker!


What do you think? Would tattoos be a cool addition to The Walking Dead?


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