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Captain America: Civil War had an opening weekend of $179.1 million. It reached $200 million in just five days. And it will soon past $1 Billion world wide That is amazing and I guarantee that Disney and Marvel are happy.

But, what if I told you they could have made more? And it was Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that was the reason it didn't?

Let Me Explain

Batman V. Superman was famously panned by critics and split the fan base. It received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 27% and fan score of only 65%, both of which is less than Man Of Steel. It also didn't preform at the box office the way everyone expected. $868 million at the world wide box office is by no means a bomb, but when many thought it might break a billion, it might be a disappointment. Especially when Disney's animated movie, Zootopia, has made more money.

The reason for me explaining this is to make a simple point: if Batman V. Superman was received better by audiences and critics alike, Civil War would have made more money.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Think about. Watching a good movie makes it more likely that you will watch another movie. Certainly when it comes to going to the theater. A good comedy makes me want to go see another comedy. Same goes for superhero films.

I am not saying Civil War would have made a lot more. But it certainly could have made another ten million or so. And that makes the difference between hitting expectations and headlines like these.

Have you seen Civil War? Is it a Box Office Disappointment? Did BVS hurt it?


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