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Not many people can defeat Batman, correct? He's a skilled tactician, fighter, detective, and on top of that a billionaire! Not to mention he's a member of the Justice League. So, which Marvel villains could defeat the extraordinary Dark Knight in a fight? Here are my top 4. Keep in mind that this list will not include OP characters such as Thanos, Magneto, Dr. Doom, ect.

#4 Kingpin

Kingpin is known as one of Spider-Mans most notorious villains. He may be big but trust me don't let his big size fool you. With only having 2% of body fat and 98% muscle, Kingpin has been able to do things such as

  • Swing 3000 pounds
  • Crush a mans head with his hands
  • crack the ground with his punches
  • And has even crushed Captain America.. literally

With all of this brute strength I highly doubt anything Batman does in a physical fist fight would effect Kingpin in the slightest. This is also someone that has impressed Deadpool!

#3 Sabretooth

Next we have Sabretooth. This guy is basically the evil version of Wolverine and we all know how power Wolverine is so, imagine an evil version. Scary right? He has an amazing healing factor along with very sharp claws and teeth. How would Batman defeat this mutant? We all know Batman would find some sort of way if he had time to plan but, that isn't the case. In a random encounter well all know Sabretooth would eat Batman alive. If he can survive this

then I highly doubt anything Batman does would keep him down. Not to mention how fast he is. He's tagged Spider-Man, dodged gunfire from the Punisher, and Wolverine has also stated that he's faster than him.

Also, we all know Batman uses darkness to his advantage right? Well, that's not a problem for Sabretooth.

#2 Taskmaster

Another hand to hand master is Taskmaster! With the ability to copy anyone's fighting style just by watching them, he would definitely give Batman a hard time before he ultimately defeated him. Having already copying other heroes such as Captain America and Spider-Man, it's hard to imagine Batman would last very long and since Batman relies on his fighting skills most of the time, this is a sure win for Taskmaster. He also has a bunch of cool weapons such as a flaming sword, flame arrows, and even has a shield that can withstand rockets!

He's even beaten Venom!

#1 Venom

And finally we have Venom! Another one of Spider-Mans most notorious foes. He will literally eat ANYTHING! He's even eaten Deadpool.

Venom is also immune to gas attacks and most gadgets of that nature which Batman uses a lot of. He's also super strong, can breathe in space, and can even increase his body mass.

Keep in mind Batman may be able to beat some of these villains if he was given time to prepare but remember that isn't the case here, and Venom would without a doubt beat Batman in a fight. Not to mention the Venom Mobile!

What do you think?


Which of these Villains has the highest chance of defeating Batman?


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