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Now, onto business!

One of the biggest things people hated about Michael Bay's TMNT reboot was how gawd-awful the turtles looked. That, and Megan Fox...but I still haven't figured out why anyone wouldn't like her!

I can see why people would cringe at the sight of the guys. Look at their history, and you can see how big of a jump the rebooted turtles are-

The cartoons:

This show:

The toys:

These cute things:

And the original live-action movie:

And then BAM! We get these things-

Once you get over just how...I'm not sure how to describe it....reptilically correct they are? Whatever it is, once you get over it, the movie wasn't half bad. I'm speaking in fairly broad...

No Casey...broad terms, of course. I and a bunch of others loved it, and the rest hated it, so let's just call it half bad.

But have you ever gone way, WAY back in their history, to see what they looked like before the first Archie comic from 1988?

Here's the first every drawing of the turtles together:

On a side note, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's backstory for the turtles looks very similar to Daredevil's:

This is what they looked like throughout the first few Mirage Studio comics, after that canister of ooze got them, and before Archie Comics came along:

And the moment you've been waiting for!

NO, no, not Megan.

The original drawings of the ninja turtle that would become parts of so many kids of the 80's lives, and their kids as well! This is Eastman's first ever drawing of the turtle that would eventually become Michelangelo!

And Laird's:

Take a good long look at those original turtles, and ask yourself; do these guys really look that bad now?


Have the new TMNT designs grown on you as yet?


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