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More often than not, a comic book character gets themselves into a crazy situation. Whether dealing with some off the wall villain, or some colorful characters, the comic book characters have a fountain of fun circumstances to go through already. However, artist Rick Celis decided to take it one step farther, and decided to place some of your favorite comic book faces in iconic scenes from both movies and a few TV shows. See if you can spot your favorites!

Romance blooming?

Looks like Starlord and Korath might have a thing going on... if only he could remember his name.

It's time for...

While not a movie, this one was too clever not to include, showing one of the Warner Brothers, Yakko, doing his trademark calling to the Joker in his nurses outfit.

Gonna go back in time

With The Killing Joke coming out, this would be a great time to do a Back to the Future parody with the two Batmans from Batman Beyond.

Beauty and the Beast (boy)

While black and purple are more Raven's style, she and Beast Boy look adorable as iconic Disney couple Belle and the Beast.

Poignant moment

With the rallying of the superheroes in The Incredibles very reminiscent of that of the mutants in Days of Future Past with X-men, the recreation of the comic cover is very clever and powerful.

Robin wishes he were me

Hit Girl teaming up with the Dark Knight doesn't seem like too far of a stretch, given his likeness to her father Big Daddy. She would fit in pretty well among the ever changing string of wards he has coming and going through his batcave.

So what's the sitch?

OK, who wouldn't want to see their favorite teenage girl who can do anything join up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and help fix it? Because I know that I for one would love that. She could put most of the place to shame.

Oh, Puddin'!

Joker doesn't look too happy being tangled up by "baby" in Harley's arms, while she is having the time of her life. Odd couple for a romantic comedy, but I would watch it.

The cold never bothered me

So now we don't just have a reason to hate Elsa for a song we can't get out of our heads, but for the freezing of our first Avenger? This ice queen just can't catch a break!

Summer Lovin'

This just spells trouble... I can't imagine this relationship lasting very long.

Joker of Two Worlds

With The Flash having done the famous storyline this past season, it seems fitting that Harley gets her fill of Jokers and has two of the most iconic iterations coming to her rescue, Batman: the Animated Series and The Dark Knight. How will she ever choose?

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

The Gotham Sirens become The Powerpuff Girls, and I kinda love it. They look like they are ready to kick butt and have some fun, and if anyone could take over for those little girls it would be these three.

Face it, Tarzan. You just hit the jackpot

Mary-Jane definitely has a type, falling for the vine-swinging Tarzan in his jungle. He looks a little confused, must be all the constricting clothing, but she is clearly having the time of her life.

Don't you forget about me

I have no problem imagining this group in detention. Though it would be kind of fun to see maybe Nightwing or one of the Robin's in Anthony Michael Hall's spot since the character tries to be a bad guy but is really a pushover. The aesthetics are great, and everyone's facial expressions are on point.

Two iconic kisses

Tiana is already known for her kiss with a frog, so it seems fitting that she would be recreating the infamous Spider-Man kiss. It's a cute idea and a good match.

Rebel scum

Doom seems as though he could be a great fill in for Vader. Depending on the movie his voice is distorted, most of the time his backstory is just kind of silly and not as awesome as the villain he is known as, and they both have awesome masks and capes. I think he is ready to take over the Empire honestly.

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state

You have to think a little bit about this one, with the image crossing over comic, TV and short film medium. Once you get it, however, you will smile trust me

Reporter in distress? Must be Tuesday

Superman is used to having to save Lois Lane from many perils, but it looks like the Ninja Turtles took the night off so he had to save April as well. He doesn't look too happy about it either.

Rick Celis is incredibly clever, and definitely worth checking out. You can commission him for custom artwork or check out his work on one of his sites listed below:





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