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In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Sebastian Stan revealed that he saw Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and shared his thoughts.

"I did see Batman v Superman and I enjoyed it. I think visually it was insane. I thought Ben Affleck was an incredible Batman. I thought that fight sequence he had against all the guys, that was sick. Even Jesse Eisenberg was cracking me up at some points. That’s all I got. I also think that DC is at a point right now where, it’s been my impression, they want to get to Justice League. They want to go ahead and kind of get everybody fighting together. And I think the best way to jump-start that was to get what I think most people wanted to see for a long time: Batman vs. Superman, two of the biggest superheroes in history."

These comments give a better take on what has been perceived by fans to be an intense rivalry between Marvel and DC. Sebastian Stan's thoughts clearly show that his affiliation with Marvel has no influence on his opinion of a "rival" film in the same genre.

In reality, what his comments allude to is a more likely scenario in which Marvel roots for DC films and vice versa. Although it may appear on the surface that Marvel or DC has no incentive to root for the other, nothing could be further from the truth. When one superhero film does well, the likelihood of those fans seeing another film in the genre increases based on their positive experiences. If Batman v Superman had a better reception with critics and fans, Captain America Civil War would have probably opened with higher numbers in its first weekend.

In the end, what does this mean for us? I have spoken with many people who choose not to watch DC or Marvel films simply because they have no interest in the characters. This is completely fine. People have their preferences and at the end of the day, all film is subjective. But what I have found to be more common are people who decide not to watch DC films because they are "Marvel fans" and vice versa. This makes absolutely no sense if you have taken any of my words above at face value. In fact, the opposite should apply: If you love DC films, you should definitely give the next Marvel movie a chance because in doing so, you keep the genre alive and well. The same applies for Marvel fans.

We can all learn something from the Winter Soldier himself (Sebastian Stan) in this case. The next time you come out of your favorite superhero flick, don't count out the others because you think it benefits your movie more. Your favorite superhero stories will continue on a lot longer if everyone else is doing well to.


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