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The masses have spoken, and there is so much angst when it comes to FOX's Sleepy Hollow, maybe it's time for a change. Abbie's (Nicole Beharie) death and its aftermath was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb set off within a show and fans are split down the middle in regards to the death, yet most agree that the show should be renewed.

You know what, for the good of the universe within the show, Sleepy Hollow should die, and something else should take its place. Ichabod Crane (Tim Mison) is a wonderful and unique character, and even though he shared the story equally with Abbie Mills, Crane stands out in his own special way.

They will always be Sleepy Hollow.
They will always be Sleepy Hollow.

So why not give him a whole new chapter, away from Sleepy Hollow and the shadow of Abbie Mills? He can be the Ichabod that we know and love, and there can still be references to colonial history in regards to the problems of the present. Most importantly, this can be 'his' story; the central point of the new chapter.

I even have a title to suggest for the new show:


It's Crane against the evils of the world, while he searches for the other witness who will inhabit Abbie's soul. You can have guest appearances from familiar faces from Sleepy Hollow, but this new show should usher in a different cast of characters. It should also take place in Virginia this time around, since the state is rich in colonial history. Crane the Witness, what do you think?


Should Sleepy Hollow be 're-branded'?


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