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Here we go!

*potential walking dead spoilers ahead!*

Less that 12 hours after posting this article about the season 7 death scene being filmed, and saying this:

What does that mean for us? A couple things; for one, we can probably expect a fresh round of speculation to start flying all over the interwebs.

Did I just quote myself? Why yes, I think I did!

We now officially have another rumor that's actually starting to catch fire, and has the scoop.

By now, you might be aware that Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva, from The Walking Dead comics, are set to appear on The Walking Dead!

We've already met a couple dudes from The Kingdom, Ezekiel's community-

So Ezekiel and his pet can't be far behind! Here's where the new theory comes in.

In the last episode of season 6, the Savior fella who attacked Carol is seen walking, and walks over some animal tracks. At first glance, they appear to be a horse's hoof prints, but it's gaining steam on the internet rumor mill that it's actually Shiva!

Watch the scene below, and decide for yourself:

What do you think? Horse? Tiger?

If it is Shiva, walkers beware!


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