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Just when you thought the theories as to who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead were going to stop rolling in, in comes one more! And I have to say, this is one of the more convincing ones to date.

*HUGE Season 6 and comic book Walking Dead spoilage below!*

This theory involves two things: throwing out the POV theory, where it's one of the people in the van who died, and some major foretelling.

When Maggie and Carol were being held captive, Maggie had a nice long chat with Michelle. That chat involved some interesting stuff; Michelle's father, baby, and boyfriend had all died.

Sounding a little familiar?

With Season 6 ending not only with someone getting their brains bashed in, but also Maggie appearing to have a miscarriage, things aren't looking too hot for Mrs. Rhee.

In the comics, as 99% of the world's population knows, Negan kills Glenn.

And in the show AND comics, The Governor kills Maggie's dad.

Now, it looks like Maggie might be losing her baby.

And her boyfriend/husband is next, if this “mirror theory” holds any water!

Bloody Disgusting TV broke the news, and the wife of YouTube user TeenageApocalypse USA, a.k.a. Michael G. Bartlett, came up with the theory, and Michael has a video explaining the whole thing:

Yet ANOTHER sign pointing to Glenn dying!

Glenn, I hate to say this, but with two new movies on your plate, an entire issue of a comic book against you, and that little outburst in front of Negan...'re screwed, dude.


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