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Hey guys and ghouls it's your old horror buddy Jay. I've gone back to my roots, no more chasing news stories for me, strictly horror and strictly opinion from here on out. Horror is my true love and the one thing I could talk about all day. We're starting our video blog/diary with a series called Our Favorite Horror Films. Our first entry is The Silence of the Lambs and it's personally one of my favorite films. Give us some of your favorites below and we'll add them to our ever growing list. Join us on Facebook at The Horror Hound Hotel to vote for our next film. Currently The Exorcist is in the lead but 1981's Possession isn't far behind. I hope the video is informative and fun. Follow me here to keep up as we take on new subjects and series as we move along.

The Silence of the Lambs is a stellar film experience. A true American classic. I hope this inspires you to watch the film again or even see it and Manhunter for the first time. The movie was released twenty-five years ago on February 14th 1991 and that seems appropriate. There's no better date film I can imagine for two Horror Hounds with the stars in their eyes.

How was it for you? We're getting better all the time. We have a filmed interview coming in June with the star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986, Caroline Williams. We're having exclusive contest on Facebook at The Horror Hound Hotel where one of our members will win the chance to ask Caroline a question during our interview. It's the thirtieth anniversary of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 so we'll be discussing that as well as Caroline's role in the new SyFy channel production, Sharknado 4.

That's all for now terror lovers. Follow me here to keep up with everything exciting in the world of horror both past and present. Until next time Horror Hounds, this is Jay Dee reminding you; We are the creators, culture is the monster, and Horror Lives!


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