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In this post I'll share my thoughts, theories and predictions about Black Goku. It's all based on assumption. Officially Toriyama didn't reveal anything except the fact that we are going to see him in the upcoming arc.


The new arc will start on 12th June
or episode 47. As confirmed by Akira Toriyama himself Future Trunks will return as he escapes from the future with his life; from the hands of Black Goku. He promised us a battle that will surpass the bounds of space and time and the amount of seriousness will be so high that it will even include The God Of Everything- the Omni-King.So from the description alone it goes without saying we are going to get one hell of a story! And maybe the first arc of super that will satisfy most of the fans! As he said many mysteries are to be revealed.

* Details about the new arc announcement- Black Goku and The Return Of Future Trunks

There are tons of questions running through our minds. When the return of Future Trunks could be big news alone we now also have the announcement that we will get to see an evil Goku too. Though he has been named ‘Black Goku ‘. I have a feeling that they are going to change it to ‘Dark Goku ‘in the dubbed version and that name would matter the most at the end.

Here I am basically going to highlight some theories and predictions relating to Future Trunks and Black Goku. But the tuation here is very complex. Even after the release of the actual episodes there are going to be a lot of confusions and arguments among the fans. Toriyama himself said that it’s going to be a bit confusing. So obviously the theories and predictions I am going to mention here right now might not make too much sense and might not be accurate.

First, let’s try to understand how Dragon Ball has always been like and currently in what situation Dragon Ball Super is. In Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z a main villain would always be portrayed as the pinnacle of power. For example, when we were introduced with Frieza for the first time; He was portrayed as the strongest character ever before Goku surpassed him. Same case with Cell or Buu; none of our allies or previously known character were stronger than the newly introduced threat.

But in Dragon Ball Super we are at a very complex situation regarding to this scenario. At the very first brought they brought Beerus the god of destruction. A god who can literally wipe out the entire universe! And along with him there is his mentor like character Whis who is even stronger and has abilities like time reversing. Further on we get introduced with the god of everything the omni-king who can instantly destroy all 12 universes with the blink of an eye. And is one of the strongest described fictional characters ever.

At this point of time it is extremely difficult to bring a villain or threat like they have always done. For example, Golden Frieza never looked serious. We always knew Whis and Beerus got our backs. And that is exactly what happened Frieza destroyed earth Whis reversed back time to make things right again.

Future Trunks Returns Dragon Ball Super
Future Trunks Returns Dragon Ball Super

So now we here, and as the answer to all these complexities we have this Evil Goku who has been named Black Goku. From what it looks like this Black Goku is from the timeline of Future Trunks and he is causing serious chaos. Though Future Trunks escaped from the look of things it appears that Black Goku will also come here either by chasing Trunks or because of his sole mission. Or it is also possible that Future Trunk’s timeline is already doomed and he is here to warn his old time friends and help them out. Now this is interesting whether they will stick with the Cell pattern. I mean one Cell here and one Cell on Trunk’s timeline. Or this exact same Black Goku will appear on both timeline. Well my prediction is the same Black Goku will appear on both the timelines. It sounds more like someone who can travel through space and time and cause chaos.

Let’s try to figure in what sense Black Goku will actually be a threat. He can’t really be the traditional Dragon Ball threat. Now since we have the Omni-king who can destroy 12 universes instantly. To have someone just straight forward powerful destroying stuffs he must be more powerful than Zeno. Since Toriyama already mentioned it’s going to involve the Omni-king. But I am almost sure that Black Goku can’t be stronger than the god of everything. Firstly, that won’t make any sense. Besides it would make Goku and his friends meaningless since they would be no match for it. So I think Black Goku would cause a more tactical type of chaos. It won’t be all about raw power. It’s not like the stronger one wins. Just for an example, Superman and Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor doesn’t have any power compared to Superman. But yet Luthor makes Superman his bitch from time to time and once even made Superman his Gay partner. So, yeah Black Goku doesn’t necessarily have to be stronger than Whis or Omni-King and yet be a problem that can make both of them tensed.

Let’s say he messed up space and time and directly killing him is not the solution. He or his group creates a situation where the control of time is in their hand. In this type of scenario the Omni-King even though he can destroy won’t be able to do so due the restraints. And then Goku and his friends might get decent roles. In whichever case it’s almost certain that Black Goku is going to be stronger than current Goku. Maybe Goku will surpass him. But we don’t know.

Being more specific, now let’s highlight the origin theories and more detailed stuffs about this Black Goku.

Well, 2 of the most popular theories are being mentioned by the fans are not likely to happen according to me.

The first one is like that, Goku came to destroy earth, never fell on his head. Kept on doing what he did and now we here. Well, firstly even if Goku was evil I don’t think he would be stronger than the Goku we have. Generally he wasn’t born with the highest potential among the Saiyans. It’s his Saiyan abilities combined with the unique training he received from earth that made him superior. At best he would end up being Raditz level having never trained with Roshi, Kami ,King Kai or further on. Besides an Evil Goku would get killed by Master Roshi! But that is completely irrelevant here because the timeline we are talking about is ‘The Future Trunks ‘timeline. That is whatever happened to our Goku happened to that Goku too except he died of heart attack at Cell saga. And after Future Trunks goes back to his timeline and kills Cell. We don’t know what happens next. If they wished them back one by one or not, it was never shown or mentioned. I’ll come back to this later.

Another theory some people brought up is, since Universe 6 got restored there was another Goku that got restored along with it. Who turned out to be evil and maybe he was the one who destroyed the U6 earth. Now there are two problems with this theory, Universe 6 isn’t the parallel universe of 7. There are no parallel Goku or Vegeta. Just like there are no parallel Whis and Beerus. Moreover the Saiyan race of U6 is different than that of the one here. They are not ruled by Frieza or someone like that. They are employed to fight for the peace. So no Saiyan was sent to earth to destroy it in the first place logically. Again all these becomes irrelevant when you consider the fact the Black Goku will come from the timeline of Future Trunks which means what happens here is irrelevant. As we know in Dragon Ball this entire timeline thingy works differently. It’s not like if you change something in the past the future gets altered. So trunks timeline’s universe 6 earth remained what it was originally unless something happened their separately.

So it’s now narrowed down to some extent. So let’s dig into some stretched up wild theories.

This one is Xenoverse and Heroes related. Toriyama few weeks ago in an interview mentioned that though he primarily wanted to give Goku’s god form white hair he decided to stick with blue because it might cause color clash with the next opponent. So he is saving it for another occasion. Meanwhile Future Trunks escaped from the hand of Evil Goku. If we sum these all up doesn’t it appear a bit similar to something we’ve seen before?

Yes, I am talking about Mira and Towa. Both of them has white hair. So the theory goes as they are controlling the body of Goku and probably found ways to make it stronger. Who knows maybe even got the powers of superior beings like Gods of destruction absorbed in him. You never know. Even if they include the Xenoverse they are going to change their abilities and powers too great extents I assume. Some fans also think it could be Bardock himself ( much like the original Xenoverse story ) roaming around different timelines and getting somehow stuck with dark powers. In this theory the Bardock killing lord chilled shall be counted as canon. And the reason Trunks would be calling him Goku is because Bardock looks absolutely like Goku. But then again it doesn’t make too much sense either. Goku though dead shall be able to maintain contact with them through King Kai. And coming to this timeline Trunks already knew about King Kai.

Bardock and Towa
Bardock and Towa

Honestly bringing Xenoverse characters would make sense. Since they are bringing back Future Trunks, who has always been a major part of Xenoverse . Think about it one of the reasons Xenoverse or heroes introduced new characters and stories was because there was no new official Dragon Ball story in a long time. The fans always prefer characters that are in the anime. Now that they are bringing back Future Trunks who by the way is a huge money drawer for Dragon Ball with merchandise sells is surely going to raise both the anime and game demands. So one or two other characters from these games introduced in the anime would also make sense. That is it would establish a strong connection between Xenoverse and Super supporting one another.

There are many other possibilities like, Goku got affected somehow in the afterlife or Goku was wished back and then something happen. Maybe The Red Ribbon army appeared with some trick from the middle of nowhere! Who knows maybe a god turned evil possessed Goku’s body seeing how it has the highest amount of endurance or developing abilities. Or its just a completely different version while there Goku is still there. It could also have something to do with episode 45-46 copy vegeta, copy goku and all. Maybe even in that Universe Goku trained with Gods and something terrible happened during that. There are infinite possibilities.

Actually there’s already enough confusion with the timelines and the universes and the gods already. Connecting so many dots is next to impossible. So let’s wait and see what happens. As Dragon Ball Super keeps getting exciting every episode and is becoming more unpredictable than it ever was!

Anyway the other topic of discussion is Future Trunks. As in how strong he is currently and if he kept training. I would say must be stronger than at-least super saiyan 3 level to have witnessed such a threat and being able to escape.

Do comment your opinion, theories and prediction on the comment section down bellow!

Details regarding to Future Trunks will be posted soon!



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