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Nikodim Trashkov

Movies like this just go to show that Hollywood really does not know how to make disaster movies. As a matter of fact their movies are disasters. What disaster movies need to have to be good is great characters. If the characters are not interesting and compelling the movie simply is boring.

The Wave is a breath of fresh air in the stale disaster movie genre. The premise is that there is a mountain in Norway that collapses into a fjord creating a giant tsunami. Really simple disaster movie stuff.

Surprisingly enough this movie had pretty good characters. I makes smart enough use of cliches that I was not annoyed all to much. You have the dad and it's his last day on the job because they are moving away. It does not feel forced to try and make the character more "relatable". It's organic in how it's done.

This movie is also really suspenseful and when the shit hits the fan it is really tense. I think one of the reasons for that is the shit does not really hit the fan until halfway through the movie. So the first half is mostly character building. Whereas if you look at San Andreas for example. That movie has a little bit of character development then action then some more character development then some more action and rinse and repeat. The action gets in the way of the character development and you don't really care about the characters when the action is happening.

The cinematography and the lighting are just fantastic. The CGI is also very good and when the tsunami is coming at you it's pretty breathtaking.

I really enjoyed this movie. It is so much better than crap like 2012 and San Andreas. If you like disaster movies this is a must watch. Even if you don't like disaster movies you should still check it out. This movie does have subtitles and people that say ohh subtitles if I wanted to read I would read a book, honestly if your one of those people fuck you, your a stupid fucking idiot and I hate you. For the rest of you check out The Wave.



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