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Nikodim Trashkov

So I just watched the new assassins creed trailer and I can't stop laughing.

Now I'm not the biggest fan of the Assassins Creed video games. I really love the second one and Black Flag but all the other ones I think are pretty garbage.

Considering the people that are attached to this I suppose you could say that it will be good but that's what happened with the Prince of Persia movie and we all know how that turned out.

The biggest problem by far was the song choice. Playing Kanye West I am a God just ruined the whole trailer. It did not fit but I think that is more the marketing's fault and not the movies. As for the movie itself I don't really have high hopes. Judging by the trailer it might have some neat visuals and good action. After all it is directed by Justin Kurzel who made the 2015 Macbeth movie and that was one of the best looking movies I have seen in a while. As for the rest of the movie I think it will be mediocre at best.

The animus looks like some weird robo arm that is meant to be an attraction at a theme park that most people are not tall enough to ride it. It's swinging Michael Fassbender around like a toy and it just had me in tears from laughter. In the video games it was just a chair and it was fine. I don't understand the need to change it to a robo arm. Some of the CGI looks to CGI but I understand the the movie is not finished yet but to be honest I don't think it will get any better.

I am getting a cash grab vibe. I mean it is a movie based of a Ubisoft franchise that has turned into a bank account fulfilling carcass. You also have to consider the track record previous video game movies had. I am kind of lost for hope but hey, it can't be worse than Unity.

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