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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Fear the Walking Dead "Sicut Cervus." If you have not seen the most recent episode, then proceed at your own risk!

It was yet another awesome episode of Fear the Walking Dead this week, with the group finally making it to their destination in Mexico. But despite them reaching Strand's safe house, it wasn't all good news with Strand's boyfriend, Thomas having been bitten, and the compound holding more than a few secrets.

This show only seems to be getting better and better in its second season, and luckily it's not over yet with the mid-season finale next week, and the remaining eight episodes still to come later in the year (from August onwards). But before we move onto thinking about next weeks mid-season finale, take a look at the five things you (might) have missed in this weeks episode of Fear the Walking Dead, "Sicut Cervus."

1. Child walkers again

Fear the Walking Dead already featured one child walker this season, when little Willa Geary turned in Episode 2, but a few more popped up in Episode 5 after the group was forced to kill a number of zombie-fied parishioners.

What was interesting about the walker child in "Sicut Cervus," was that it wasn't just used for shock factor by the writers. Instead we saw how the fact that this new world was forcing people to cleave open the heads of children was truly affecting the survivors - namely Nick. I thought it was especially important for the show to revisit the idea of Nick having to deal with a child walker considering that Willa's death at the start of the season was partly his fault (Nick accidentally revealed to the children where their father had hidden the family's "power pills").

Willa reanimates in Episode 2
Willa reanimates in Episode 2

It's easy to to forget for us fans, but prior to the apocalypse The Walking Dead universe had never seen zombies before in any form. Us viewers have been firmly conditioned to violence through zombies films and television shows for years, but this whole scenario is new to the folk of Fear the Walking Dead. It's quite interesting to see how the writers are showing us that should the zombie apocalypse actual happen in real life, it'd be a lot more mentally scarring than what we might envisage.

2. Are Daniel's days numbered?

There's no doubt that Daniel is probably the most savvy of the entire group. While Madison is fast adapting, Daniel is the only one who has been in a similar situation before, and made it out alive. But, will his past experience be his undoing?

In Episode 5 Daniel heard a voice telling him to take a gun, and in Episode 6 Daniel seemed to have flashbacks to killing a child back in El Salvador. Following this unsettling moment, Daniel seemed pretty shaken up and opted to have some quiet time while the rest of the group ate.

Daniel hears voices in Episode 5
Daniel hears voices in Episode 5

With his health less than ideal (during the walk to the house he seemed to be struggling), the world going to shit and his wife now dead, Daniel seems like he could be succumbing to post traumatic stress disorder. If these flashbacks and hallucinations continue (and it seems like they will given that he's had two of them in two episodes), they could really put him in some danger.

Not to mention the danger he's already in having learned Celia's secret about poisoning parishioners. With Celia's son Luis, and surrogate son Thomas both dead, there's nothing to stop her from poisoning the others - except perhaps Daniel.

3. Is Ofelia a Carol?

After thinking that Ofelia could easily be killed within the the first half of Season 2, I now think she has the possibility to be the next Carol.

Carol started out in The Walking Dead with a daughter and an abusive husband, and in a short space of time lost both of them. While the death of Ed was an obvious blessing, in some ways the death of her daughter, Sophia was also blessing in disguise because it allowed her to bloom into the ultimate survivor. Ofelia's whole life has been spent being shielded from the real world by her parents, but with her mother dead and her father seeming to become a little unhinged (but still a bad ass, no doubt), Ofelia now has an opportunity to transform. What do you think, can she pull a Carol? I mean, she definitely handed herself well when the group killed all those walkers at the church, I know I was impressed.

4. Biblical references abound

As fans of The Walking Dead know, the writers of these series love adding biblical themes to the shows. So it should be no surprise that the title of Episode 5 was titled "Sicut Cervus," which refers to the beginning of Psalm 42. The whole psalm (which was sung by the choir in the church at the very beginning of the episode) reads:

Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquarum, ita desiderat anima mea ad te Deus

Which can be translated as

As the deer longs for running streams, so my soul longs for thee, my God.

With this translation then, I found it interesting that later in the episode Celia talked about how she was sheltering the walkers because they were being hunted down - much like deer.

It was also interesting that the episode focussed so much of Celia's comfort with the idea of death, which was obviously due to her religious beliefs and believing death is not the end. She barely seemed bothered by the death of her son, Luis, and during the conversation with Daniel about the walkers in the cellar she questioned why he was so afraid of death and the dead. In a show so obsessed with survival, it was interesting to see one of the living so at peace with the idea of not surviving.

5. What will Celia do next?

Strand talks with Celia
Strand talks with Celia

With Strand having shot Thomas through the head, preventing reanimation, what will Celia's reaction be? With the next episode being the mid-season finale I have a feeling that something big will go down between Celia and the gang, and it probably won't be good.

With our groups without their weapons (remind anyone else of Terminus?), and Celia with a whole household to back her up, I wouldn't be surprised if there's one hell of a showdown. Not to even mention the fact that Daniel still hasn't told the rest of the group about the cellar of walkers! Who else is predicting that the group might be back on the Abigail sooner than we thought?

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC with the mid-season finale, "Shiva" on May 22.

What was your favorite part of Episode 5, "Sicut Cervus"?


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