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It's been thirty years since we first met the Goblin King and his tirade of riddle-fueled splendor in Labyrinth, and as today marks the day fans are literally losing their shit over a brand new Labyrinth board game, what better excuse for delving into the movie's trivia pile and checking out a bunch of the lesser-known facts about this lovable, madcap adventure?

1. The film features the first attempt at a CGI animal.

The owl in the title sequence is apparently the first ever attempt at a photo-realistic animal character in a feature length movie!

2. Both Sting and Michael Jackson were considered for the role of Jareth!

Sting, Bowie, Jackson
Sting, Bowie, Jackson

Luckily, director Jim Henson's kids convinced him that Bowie would have longer lasting appeal. Phew!

3. Sooty to the rescue!

In the above scene, the reason baby Toby is starring off into the distance is because he was crying and Bowie had to distract him with a Sooty hand puppet!

4. 'The Labyrinth’s a piece of cake? Let’s see you deal with this slice.'

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

“It’s a piece of cake,” is usually a phrase meaning something is easy to achieve, however, every time someone utters it in Labyrinth something bad happens shortly after.

5. Where is Hoggle?


After going missing for some time, the full costume for Hoggle was discovered on display at The Unclaimed Baggage Center museum. As it turns out, the costume was lost on an airplane and bought from the airline by the aforementioned store in Scottsboro, Alabama.

6. Sarah has a private shrine to David Bowie in her bedroom.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

If you look closely at Sarah's vanity table you'll notice several pictures of Bowie stuck to her mirror, alongside a model of Jareth.

7. David Bowies pocket bulge was an intentional addition!

Made by the conceptual designer Brian Froud

8. Swagger Sticks!

via Buzzfeed
via Buzzfeed

Not only was Jareth's crystal-balled staff designed to look like a microphone, but it's actually called a Swagger Stick — how cool is that?!

9. Jareth is always watching

In several scenes within Labyrinth, Jareth's face is hidden away, watching over Sarah as she tries to solve the puzzle.

10. Baby Toby is now working as a puppet maker!

via The Sun
via The Sun

And has worked on numerous productions including The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and I Am Not a Serial Killer!

On a scale of one-to-infinity, how much do you love David Bowie's Labyrinth?

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