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Just the other day, J.K. made a fan's dream come true when she lent her magical handwriting skills for an "Expecto Patronum" tattoo. However, this eager Potterhead isn't the only with the idea to get a Harry Potter reference permanently inked into her skin.

Here are some other wizard examples of loyal Muggles raising the fandom bar:

1. This absolutely stunning winged key

Remember these pesky little things from Sorcerer's Stone? Take a look:

2. This plan-and-simple Deathly Hallows mark

3. This teeny-tiny cartoon Harry

4. This ink revealing all the mischief

5. This Mad-Eye Hedwig

6. These ominous Death Marks

7. This jaw-dropping, black and white Dumbledore collage

8. This insane tribute to Hogwarts

9. This bold Sorting Hat wielding a broomstick

10. This melancholy Mirror of Erised

11. This quaint Hermione line

12. This pretty little Time-Turner

12. This might just be the most beautiful Patronus you will ever see

13. Wow. Just wow.

One word: Epic.

Which Harry Potter tattoo would you get?


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