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Chris Hemsworth's body double has just been unveiled as a bit of a smoking hot fox and the snaps of them posing up a storm together are enough to have ovaries popping like balloons at a pin convention.

The man in question is London-based stunt performer Bobby Holland Hanton, and when he's going about his life as his normal self he looks like this:

Bobby and Chris's beautiful friendship began when Hanton was cast to double for Hemsworth on Snow White and the Huntsman. Thanks to their resemblance and rapport, Bobby reprised his role as the stunt double for Thor 2 and he has been with the Aussie actor ever since. Awww!

The stunt performer was recently interviewed by Buzzfeed where he described his friend and long-time colleague as "an amazing person” who also has the bonus feature of being “funny as shit."

Chris and Bobby share a moment on set
Chris and Bobby share a moment on set

Bobby continued to shower Chris with praise during the interview love in when he said:

"He’s a great dad, great husband, great friend…all-round legend. We have become very close friends now, I love him."

There are some downsides to being Hemsworth's body double though, in order to bulk up to Thor level proportions, Hanton has to eat a staggering 35 small meals a day and train twice a day.

No wonder Bobby looks so bewildered.
No wonder Bobby looks so bewildered.

Bobby told Buzzfeed that, while he has to put in a shocking amount of grunt work to get "anywhere near" Hemsworth's size, the star himself has a much easier ride when it comes to maintaining muscle mass. He explained:

"Chris is naturally a monster and all he has to do is look at weights and he grows. It’s always a challenge, which I like, but I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to maintain”

You'll be pleased to know that this buff bromance will be continuing in the not too distant future because Bobby has just been cast to work alongside Chris again in the upcoming Thor movie [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858).

Until then though, we will just have to make do with some of their back catalog of studly behind-the-scenes images like the ones below...

...and some of the few totes adorbs videos of the pair joking around with each other on set like old buds like the one below (sorry about the motion sickness-inducing camera work!)

Not to mention these stunning videos that show Bobby performing truly superhero-worthy fitness feats to keep up with Hemsworth on set.

I can't even!


Who do you think is hotter?

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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