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I'll admit it, when they sheared Jamie Dornan for Fifty Shades of Grey, in my opinion he got at least 30 percent less hot. If you are also a fan of the Irish treasure's facial fuzz though, fear not, there are plenty of moments from the star's back catalogue to give you your fix.

Check them out in the lil list below and maybe you can find your viewing material for this evening's entertainment!

Once Upon A Time

Jamie Dornan hit the bullseye in Once Upon A Time
Jamie Dornan hit the bullseye in Once Upon A Time

Remember when Jamie Dornan burned his stunning bestubbled visage into our retinas during his guest role in Once Upon A Time? If not, I suggest you do some of the most enjoyable revision of your life by watching the video below.

Those piercing eyes, that accent and a uniform? Basically, he slays and there isn't a bondage rope in sight.

The Fall

Sure, he was playing a cold-hearted killer, but Dornan sure looked good doing it as the creepily captivating Paul Spector in The Fall.

Even when he is being as sinister as fuck and eye-balling you like he wants to steal your spleen and eat it for breakfast, you'd probably just let him to be honest. I mean, LOOK.

If that's not a man you wouldn't let gobble down some of your superfluous organs, I don't know who is!

Beyond The Rave

Sweaty, working class hero, wife beater Jamie Dornan? Yes please! Beyond The Rave is a pretty little known movie which features both ravers, vampires and the bonus feature of Dornan's beauteous visage and if they aren't all reasons to watch it, I don't know what is!

Marie Antoinette

You know that you have stepped into a whole new league of inhuman hotness when you can style out a powdered gray wig and a fetching tri-cornered hat and Jamie Dornan works both of these accessories like a true pro.

Not to mention those smouldering sex scenes where his bedazzled waistcoat ends up on the floor. Yassss.

Calvin Klein Photoshoot

In my opinion, the holy grail of Jamie Dornan hotness is this smouldering black and white, baby oil drenched photoshoot for Calvin Klein where he really gets to work that body. I could shed a tear it's so beautiful!

Those "come to bed eyes" should be illegal tbh.

What do you think is the hottest Jamie Dornan moment ever?


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