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In this glorious golden age of social media, sometimes we're lucky enough to get filled in on the best drama directly from the stars themselves. Aside from setting and copying the latest trends, we can watch the rise and fall of the many relationships of the rich and famous. But when the end does come, these five stars are merciless about deleting all the evidence of their past love.

1. Taylor Swift

It's impossible to find a trace of anyone other than T-Swift's current TL Calvin Harris on any of her social media accounts. Luckily, we still get the juiciest gossip in the lyrics of her multi-platinum albums.

2. Zac Efron

The Baywatch reboot star was never all that public about his relationship with GF Sami Miro to begin with, but it became pretty clear that the two had split ways when Efron erased every picture of her from his Instagram AND unfollowed her on Twitter.

Here's a recent post of him twirling his Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates co-star Anna Kendrick. Could this be the start of something new?

3. Joe Jonas

Joe might not have posted many pictures of him and Gigi Hadid while they were together, but that didn't stop him from ditching a group pic with Zayn Malik after his former friend started up with Hadid. The picture was actually an epic squad photo of Jonas, Malik and Kanye West. Unfortunately, Malik was in the center, so cropping was not an option. Jonas deleted the pic and unfollowed Hadid and Malik on Twitter. But can we really blame him for being bitter?

LTR: Kanye West, Zayn Malik, Joe Jonas
LTR: Kanye West, Zayn Malik, Joe Jonas

4. Robert Kardashian (Rita Ora)

After a messy split from singer Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian went a little crazy on Twitter, dissing his ex and calling her out for cheating with multiple different partners. He's since wiped out all traces of their relationship and their beef, and is now happily married to Blac Chyna. Of course, he held a similar social media purge after a fight with Blac Chyna in March. The two of them suddenly erased all photos of them together on Instagram (of which their were many). It seemed like they might have been over for a hot minute, but then all was right with the world when we got a new onslaught of lovey selfies like this one:

5. Perrie Edwards

Joe Jonas isn't the only one to eliminate Zayn Malik from social media. Malik and Perrie Edwards seemed to have the perfect relationship, and we all thought it was going to culminate in a fairytale wedding. Of course, it didn't. And Edwards wasted no time in wiping her Instagram of any and all evidence that she and Malik had ever even known each other.


Do you delete your ex from social media after a break up?


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