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The internet is a wonderful thing isn't it? Not least due to the fact that it's very difficult to keep secrets online, which sometimes works in our favor.

Such is the case of the massive spate of Pokemon GO Reddit leaks, which means that despite the lack of official news we've actually got a pretty good handle on what we're going to see in the upcoming augmented reality mobile game.

The app is still currently in the beta state, so much of the information is subject to change. But information about an updated version of Pokémon GO comes our way from the Silph Road (via Reddit), and version v0.21.1 brings with it some interesting updates.

Pokéstop Update

Pokéstops are pitstops comprising of a spinning disk center, from which you can get items by spinning the disk at the center of the icon and popping the bubbles which the Pokéstop produces.

In Pokémon GO v0.21.1 the Pokéstops now appear to have a cooldown period — they turn purple after use and fade back to blue to be ready for use again. The cooldown takes approximately five minutes.

'Big Magikarp'

The update adds a new award badge to the player profile which reads 'Big Magikarp Caught.' It's still a little unclear exactly what this badge means, but some reports indicate that you earn the award if you capture a wild Magikarp over three feet long.

The Store and PokéCoins

Excitingly, the new update brings our first look at the Pokémon GO Store — the GO equivalent of a PokéMart.

In the Store you use PokéCoins (of course they're called PokéCoins, what else did you expect?) to purchase items and gear upgrades. You get 100 PokéCoins given to you by the Professor character, but specifics of how more coins are gained are yet to be clarified.

Here's a list of the new items you can purchase in the store:

  • Storage Upgrade: an inventory upgrade for your item storage backpack
  • Pokémon Storage Upgrade: an inventory upgrade for your Pokémon storage
  • Incense: presumably used to attract wild Pokémon
  • Incubator: perhaps gives a step boost for egg hatching? Exact usage unknown.
  • Lucky Egg: effect unknown, possibly an XP Boost of some kind
  • PokéStop Disc: effect unknown, possibly has an effect on cooldown rates
  • Revive: revives a fainted Pokémon

Battle Adjustments

Whereas earlier versions of the app had Pokémon with two stamina bars during combat, the new update makes some big changes, with some Pokémon now demonstrating multiple additional stamina bars.

This means that — rather than having to stop and recharge the special "charge" move during battle as was the case previously — your Pokémon can now perform the strong attack more times than before without depleting their stamina bars and having to rely on the quick attack only.

Pokémon GO+

The Pokémon GO+ device was unveiled along with the initial announcement, but there hasn't been much news of it since. But yes it does still exist, as Silph Road found data in the new version of the app which gives us a sneak peek at the functionality of the bluetooth device.

Here's a rundown of the notifications the Pokémon GO+ is designed to alert you to:

  • Reached PokéStop
  • Spawned Pokémon
  • Spawned Uncaught Pokémon
  • Spawned Legendary Pokémon
  • Ready To Throw Pokéball
  • Pokéball Shake And Broken
  • Pokéball Shake And Caught

What do you want to see in Pokémon GO? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Silph Road


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