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May 12, 2016 sees more Mick Taylor unleashed, this time to the small screen via Australia's Netflix equivalent, the Stan channel. The six-hour Wolf Creek TV miniseries will provide more Mick, more killing, more outback terror, and I can't wait to see it.

Still, Wolf Creek director Greg McLean has even more in store for us, telling Bloody Disgusting:

“I have a detailed plan for more movie adventures, and would love to see more in the TV world, but we’ll wait and see the response to the first series. They’re really fun movies to make, John Jarratt is a blast to work with, and honestly, spending 6 weeks in the beautiful Flinders Ranges in South Australia every few years sounds good to me. There are worse ways to spend a few months.”

I like the sound of that "detailed plan"! Hopefully the Wolf Creek TV series will blow us away, but here's what we want to see if there are more Wolf Creek movies:

1. That Signature Mick Taylor Gallows Humor

The Wolf Creek movies wouldn't be complete without the comedy elements alongside the vicious violence. Mick saying of poor, kindly, newly-castrated Rutger, "He must be part donkey, lucky girl" is just the kind of pitch-black humor we need in further installments of the Wolf Creek franchise.

2. Mick Taylor: Origins

Director Greg McLean co-wrote two novels, Wolf Creek: Origin and Desolation Game, which go into fascinating detail about Mick Taylor's youth and childhood. Personally, I would find scenes about this part of his life — possibly through flashbacks — the most interesting material for a potential Wolf Creek 3.

3. Surprise Moments

Those sudden deaths and swift paradigm shifts are vital to the pace of Wolf Creek, and the same dynamic has to be kept alive for a successful Wolf Creek 3.

4. Exquisitely Sadistic Set Pieces

The head-on-a-stick scene is a memorable chiller and a high point from the first Wolf Creek movie, truly exposing Mick Taylor for the cold psychopath he is.

What would you like to see in Wolf Creek 3?

Source: Youtube, Tumblr, Bloody Disgusting


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