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Have you ever wondered how Mick Taylor became the pig (and human) slaughtering maniac we know and love in Wolf Creek? Sure, you could ask him, but then he'd have to kill you.

Fortunately, there's a less dangerous way of discovering Mick Taylor's secrets. It's not common knowledge, but Wolf Creek director Greg McLean published Mick's lengthy, twisted backstory over the course of two full novels available via Amazon; Wolf Creek: Origin and Desolation Game. Unlike a lot of movie tie-in books, these are no quick fix make-a-buck rush jobs, and McLean is very proud of them, telling Bloody Disgusting:

“I co-wrote two prequel novels with the fantastic horror novelists Aaron Sterns and Brett McBean. These were published a few years back and ‘Wolf Creek’ fans can find them on Amazon. Again, very proud of these books — fans will not be disappointed.''

The synopsis for the first novel, Wolf Creek: Origin is as follows:

When wiry youngster Mick Taylor starts as a jackaroo at a remote Western Australian sheep station, he tries to keep his head down among the rough company of the farmhands. But he can't keep the devils inside him hidden for long.

It turns out he's not the only one with the killer impulse — and the other psychopaths don't appreciate competition. Is Cutter, the station's surly shooter, onto him? And what are the cops really up to as they follow the trail of the dead?

In the first of a blood-soaked series of 'Wolf Creek' prequel novels, the cult film's writer/director Greg McLean and horror writer Aaron Sterns take us back to the beginning, when Mick was a scrawny boy, the only witness to the grisly death of his little sister. Origin provides an unforgettably bloody answer to the question of nature vs. nurture. What made Mick Taylor Australian horror's most terrifying psycho killer?

You may not wish to read the synopsis for the second novel, Wolf Creek: Desolation Game, as it provides potential spoilers for the first book, but this is what goes down.

When sharpshooter and killer Mick Taylor searches for a place to keep a low profile, he finds somewhere where his peculiar talents are appreciated: a war. And in Vietnam, an out-of-control sergeant takes the amateur murderer and turns him into a pro.

Back home, Mick makes use of the sick lessons the army taught him, when hapless tour operators bring a Kombi-load of sightseers out his way into the Western Australian desert. Two suspicious flat tires deliver an engaged Japanese couple, a father and son, a US army vet and his girlfriend, and a couple of cute girls to Mick's lair. Middle of nowhere, population one. The group finds themselves in hell, as Mick makes sure their once-in-a-lifetime tour stays that way. And though one of the drivers escapes and goes for help, Mick sees no reason to stop the killing spree.

In the second 'Wolf Creek' novel, the cult film's writer and director Greg McLean gets to the heart of Australian horror's most terrifying psycho killer. Is Mick Taylor possessed by some dark power in the landscape itself? Something ancient? Does the Red Centre demand blood?

As a massive fan of the Wolf Creek movies, these novels are a great read, revealing a great deal of the wicked workings of Mick Taylor's mind. Check them out via Amazon, where they're available as eBooks or out-of-print hard copies that cost a gajillion dollars second hand.

Have you read the Wolf Creek origin novels?

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