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Like most, I had a good Netflix binge watching season 2 of Daredevil. The first season was brilliant and just like its predecessor the second season ticked all the right boxes.

Way back when Marvel announced a second season would air and followed by the trailers, that alone got fans excited but for me, it came down to the announcement that the Punisher would make his MCU début.

I've been a big fan of the character since the Punisher (2004) film, and now he'll be getting his own Netflix series (hopefully before the Defenders release), but first lets talk about his MCU introduction as a somewhat frenemie to Daredevil.

Daredevil season 2, like all television shows before it has its top moments, but this is Punisher driven, so here are what I believe are the Punisher's top 5 moments from the series. I’ll be honest, I could have easily done a top 15 moments (yes, there are a lot of great moments from Mr. Castle) but I figure I’d really nail down what I consider his top 5 moments in his MCU début.

Before I start the list though I'd just like to say that Jon Bernthal’s portrayal as the Punisher was outstanding. I haven't watched him in much before this but in my opinion he did an outstanding job.

Like any top list I’d like to start with the honourable mentions, I won’t be going into detail with these but they would have made the top 10.

In no particular order:

  • Spraying the skull on his armour. I geeked out for this moment even though I saw it coming.
  • His outburst in court that he would kill all his victims again and that he is the Punisher.
  • The final moments in the series finale where he helped Daredevil by gunning down the Hand's followers.
  • Tortured by the Irish.

And now for The Punisher’s top 5 moments:

05.) The Punisher’s warning shot to Daredevil.

In the closing moments of the first episode Daredevil is shot in the head and supposedly left for dead. It’s not until the next day/episode where he is found by Foggy and goes to have his helmet repaired, only to be told that if the bullet had been an inch away from where it had struck he would have been killed. Basically this is Frank Castle's way of saying "if I wanted you dead, you would be". This is a great moment and it shows viewers that he’s not just aimlessly killing but he’s on a mission and no one will stand in his way.

Punisher speaks his first line in the MCU.
Punisher speaks his first line in the MCU.

04.) Two men on a mission – Punisher’s views vs Daredevil’s views.

After a few more encounters between Frank and Matt they finally get to talk things out in episode 3 (kind of) with Frank tying Daredevil to a chimney with a chain. Throughout the episode we see the two’s views about how Hell’s Kitchen should be saved, with Frank’s method being a lot more violent and permanent than Daredevil’s. This quickly escalates when Frank tries to get Daredevil to shoot him before he (Frank) shoots a gang member that Matt and Foggy had tried to help. It’s a great episode (to say a lot of it takes place on a roof) that gives viewers a good idea of who the Punisher is and what he stands for.

A difference of opinion.
A difference of opinion.

03.) The Punisher and Kingpin’s jail time.

This could have been three separate moments but I've decided to collect it all as one. Firstly there initial meeting and Fisk’s reveal. Frank went against Karen and Foggy’s plan due to an offer by the kingpin, to kill the man responsibly (supposedly) for the death of his family. It’s an interesting scene where you don’t know what’s going to happen and then there’s Frank’s hardship with himself about taking an offer with the scum he wants ‘to put away’.

Next is when Fisk witnesses how much of a bad-ass Frank really is (I wont go into detail here as it will appear later on the list).

And lastly their final encounter, the two have a brief fight and even with Frank in chains he gets some good hits in. Even better I'm sure it sounds as if he’s laughing when Fisk is beating on him. The best thing about this encounter is the final moments when Frank states when they next meet only one will be walking away.

Frank upsets the Kingpin.
Frank upsets the Kingpin.

02.) Daredevil vs The Punisher (2).

During their second encounter with one another during a police operation gone wrong (thanks to Frank) the two end up once again fighting on top of a roof, what’s even more crazy is that these two continue to fight whilst the police open fire on them. I think that gives them both bad-ass brownie points.

01.) The Punisher vs Prisoners.

Yes this is my top moment, once Frank guts the prison kingpin (no not him), he is double crossed by Fisk and the prison officers and left to die at the hands of multiple prisons. Frank accepts what’s about to happen and just goes at them head on, once all is said and done Frank is laying between the dying and dead prisons with a face full of blood (and not his own). Looking overhead is Fisk, now coming to terms with why they call Frank Castle, The Punisher.

So there you have it, my top 5 Punisher moments from season two of Daredevil.

I look forward to seeing more from the Punisher when his series comes to Netflix and hopefully we'll see him team up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in the Defenders.


What's your top Punisher moment in Daredevil S2?


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