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First off, if you haven't watched Captain America: Civil War yet, then shame on you. What are you waiting for?

For those of you who have, it's hard to deny that the airport battle is a huge highlight and arguably one of the best superhero fight scenes of all time — even if the trailers did give away some of the most exciting moments.

Fortunately, Marvel still kept a few tricks up their sleeve, surprising audiences with the big Giant-Man reveal towards the end of the fight. Ant-Man was surprisingly formidable already, but after he blew himself up to gigantic proportions, Scott Lang became the one to beat, taking on the likes of War Machine and Spider-Man with relative ease.

Ant-Man's newfound ability obviously has huge implications for Peyton Reed's upcoming sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, but the power to grow lies with the Pym Particles and not Scott Lang himself, so why should he get to have all the fun?


Clint should stick to his regular contact lenses.
Clint should stick to his regular contact lenses.

Even before Hawkeye was reduced to a mindless puppet in the first Avengers movie, the comic book version of Clint Barton sometimes struggled to keep up with his powerhouse teammates. Let's face it: A bow and arrow just doesn't always cut it when you're fighting villains who can manipulate time and space.

Marvel recognized that this could be an issue, even as far back as 1969, so one day, they decided to break Hawkeye's bow during battle, leaving him with an agonizing choice — pop over to the sporting goods store or take over as Giant-Man, imbuing himself with enough strength and endurance to fight toe-to-toe alongside the likes of Thor.

Although the sporting goods store probably wasn't that far away, Clint shockingly decided to go with the latter decision, adopting the mantle Goliath (makes sense) and choosing a brand new costume that would look more at home in a leather fetish bar than in the pages of a family comic book (ummmm).

He saved money on the material though, for sure.
He saved money on the material though, for sure.

While Clint soon reverted back to his Hawkeye persona in the comics, because, well, — comics, there's a strong chance that we could see the archer step into Giant-Man's oversized shoes some time soon within the MCU.

Infinity War

Since he first appeared onscreen, there's been some concern that Clint's archery skills may not hold up alongside his fellow teammates — and now that the Avengers will soon be pitted against the all-mighty Thanos, Hawkeye really needs to up his game fast.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Unless the Infinity Gauntlet holds a secret weak spot roughly the same size as the tip of an arrow, it's unlikely that Hawkeye will have much of an impact in Avengers: Infinity War.

At the risk of throwing Clint a premature pity party though, it must be remembered that Hawkeye has actually proved himself to be a formidable member of the team in the past, most recently in Captain America: Civil War, where he briefly took out the Infinity Stone powered Vision in the Avengers compound.

However, it's hard to imagine Hawkeye luring Thanos into a similar trap with such ease, unless of course he promises the titan some kind of moisturizing product to clear up that godawful skin.

With the Pym Particles at his disposal, Clint could fight as a second Giant-Man alongside Scott Lang, with the two of them taking on Thanos together. The fans would go nuts and it's like they always say: "Two giants are better than one."

Not only is there precedence in the comics for this, but Hawkeye and Ant-Man already worked together once before within the MCU, teaming up in Captain America: Civil War to take on Team Iron Man while casually recreating one of the most awesome comic book covers of all time.

Surprisingly badass.
Surprisingly badass.

Marvel, Kevin Feige, either Russo brother — If any of you are somehow reading this and haven't already considered using a big-boy version of Jeremy Renner in one of your upcoming films, now is the time to get on board. I guarantee you that Renner will be up for it.

Don't believe me? Check out this SNL skit he filmed below.

Do You Think Hawkeye Will Become Giant-Man In The Future?

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

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