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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might not have been the massive success Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder were expecting, but if we can agree on one thing it’s that Ben Affleck killed it as our new Batman.

After the massive success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Bale’s Batman, Affleck had an insane responsibility of rebooting this character, and arguably an even harder job because Affleck’s Batman is set in a world where Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League exist.

So how did Affleck compare to the likes of Bale and Keaton? Well we’re here to tell you why we think Affleck’s Batman is the best of them all.

First of all we believe that Ben Affleck’s Batman tops the rest simply because he balances the personalities of Batman and Brice Wayne really well. Some actors perform really great as Batman, but don’t succeed in their performance as Bruce Wayne. Affleck’s interpretation of Batman was a detective in and out of the costume, which meant he was always entertaining to watch.

Bruce Wayne is a master of various fighting styles, but until now his cinematic action sequences have been very limited. Even Bale’s fighting style as the Dark Knight didn’t rival that of the comics or animation. When Ben Affleck’s Batman enters a fight, there’s no doubt of who the victor will be. In his fight against Superman we get to see how trained Batman’s martial arts are compared to Superman who depends on his powers. When taking down the thugs Batman’s skills are on full display, and we finally get to see the caped crusader the way he was always intended. And it doesn’t hurt to have him use baterangs and his grappling gun against enemies.

To be a great Batman you need the voice right? Well we can check that off the list as well. Using technology to alter his vocals Ben Affleck’s Batman is unidentifiable, unless of course, your Superman. Having the voice modulated not only sounded better for Batman, but made a lot of sense. If your a famous billionaire, people will recognise your voice, so this is just another layer of protection.

Finally the costume. We’ve waited years to see the iconic grey costume, and my God does Affleck pull it off. The blend of black and dark grey are perfect for Affleck’s Batman, especially when trying to differentiate from Bale’s version. Of course, Batman v Superman had more than one costume so let’s discuss the mech suit. If your going up against a super powered alien, you going to want protection, and what better protection is there than a Batman style Iron Man costume. The mech suit is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a Batman movie before, and cemented Affleck’s performance.


Is Ben Affleck the best BATMAN?


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