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According to Business Insider, killing ads of Netflix has reduced 6 days of commercials per year when compared to traditional pay TV cable.

It is very well known that Netflix Inc. has truly revolutionized the TV industry and has changed the perception of how people watch television. Not only it gave viewers an opportunity to binge watch all the seasons of a favorite series but that too ad free. The company has cashed in on viewers where it was needed the most i.e. great content, reasonable rate, and less or no advertisements during the show. This is not the case with the cable TV and premium cable channel. In an hour program, approximately eight to ten minutes are for the advertisement.

According to Business Insider, the streaming giant has managed to cut out almost six days of commercial ads from a viewer’s life per year when compared to the traditional pay cable TV. Over the years, Netflix has developed its identity as the top streaming powerhouse in the industry and one of the core parts is refusal to show advertisements in any online movie or TV show. This has been going on since the time it made its way in the market.

In an indirect way Netflix has always maintained to be on the side which does not approve ads. It can be said that the streaming service provider kills ads in order to provide a better streaming experience to all of its 77.7 million customers on board. An even after such a long time running successfully in the industry, it has no plans to change its core part of identity and success in the coming times.

According to a chief research officer at Time Warner, Howard Shimmel, told Bloomberg in an interview “We know one of the benefits of an ecosystem like Netflix is its lack of advertising. Consumers are being trained there are places they can go to avoid ads.”

As Netflix created an environment of no ads whatsoever during movies and shows, the viewers have become impatient with the pay cable TV as showing ads are a core part of their identity. Hence, the same customers get infuriated if there are ads while they are enjoying their favorite content.

A year or two ago, several premium cable networks announced to cut back on the time and amount of ads they show in order to attract the customers they lost to Netflix. Fewer ads are better than the previous more ads during show however not close to killing ads whatsoever. This is one of the few aspects where the streaming giant has successfully worked upon to provide its streaming customers with the best ad free and non stop streaming option.


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