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From Tourism shorts to Halloween promo's, television works to paranormal documentaries, from pre-vis design an to VFX work. Bypassing film school with self taught techniques in the psychology of the shot, to photography to writing screenplays, from actor to producer and everything in between; The self made McCullay has definitely worked hard over the years, and is beginning to emerge in the film industry. And this is just the beginning...


It's Halloween night, any town, any year. As the streets clear and the children go home to enjoy their candy, darkness falls over a sleepy little town. The door is opened to the wrong Trick or Treat-er bent on murderous activity, as residents soon learn of the horrible crime.

Fallacious Promo Mask and Script
Fallacious Promo Mask and Script


Written/ Produced/ Directed by Dark History's Dee McCullay as his first scripted horror short, starring Kyle E. Turner, Taylor Belisle - Crider, Emily Cunningham & James McCauley - The movie centers on Mr. Saville (Turner) and this terrible Trick or Treat-er (Belisle - Crider) who does as we all have at some point changing masks to hit a house repeatedly on All Hallows Eve. But the Trick or Treat-er has more than candy in mind, and a deranged sense of reality behind her short murderous history.

Funeral Director or Film Director?

McCullay is not new to the film making scene, he has produced several projects for various companies, paranormal documentaries under Dark History, as well as television works. He faced a choice: Either Funeral Director or Film Director and chose Film. So in 2009 he began making short films under his Thunderstryker Films name, and by 2016 had travelled to the USA and back to Canada, creating clever new content for audiences. Looking back, film definitely seemed to be the correct choice.

The production itself was a 27 hour shoot (out of sequence) and featured 2 hours of raw footage edited down to a 7:04 Runtime. McCullay presents his first scripted horror in finality, in a desaturated tone. "I was constantly battling to find that balance of color and brightness with the original tones I envisioned." The pre-production itself started in January 2016 and finally finished up in post production in May.

Bleeding cast Kyle Turner & Emily Cunningham
Bleeding cast Kyle Turner & Emily Cunningham

Halloween Deserves Another Story

Being a fan of the original Halloween, I always knew there was another story I can do based on that magical time of year when ghosts, and goblins rule the night, and sitting down to write, the story seemed to propel itself. I wanted to make something Halloween-esque, tipping it's hat to the original Halloween, and the season in general; As it is my favorite time of year and deserves another story to be added to the lot of terrible tales. Why Fallacious? 3 reasons pop up for it's title, including opening the door to the wrong trick or treat-er. Not to give away any details, but disguising one's self is also a falsehood. Also the name itself just sounded like a proper horror title.

Challenges Ahead

Challenges come up on every set, and this was no exception. First of all was finding homes where they would let the blood flow. And then finding the actors without the grace of a casting company or through normal routes. And then to find the antagonist of the film, a young actress who could manage to pull off what was asked flawlessly. And then cast fall off, to replacements at the last minute, where Turner and Cunningham came on board and saved the day. And we were soon shooting within 3 days. Exposure has always been an issue being a small independent film company, and challenges are always going to be there when trying to build something bigger.

"Every day is focused on getting this work from the realm of locality, into the wider view of the public eye, where perhaps the right person will take notice of what we've done here."

The Review

Fallacious has been called brutal, dark, creepy and gruesome by those that have seen it. The film has not yet been released publicly and is currently being reviewed as it sits in wait for horror film festivals, also in hopes that the folks at CryptTV would pick it up, and that would help fast track it into a public screening.

The Film Unleashed

Released October 10, 2016, you can now view it for free!

For info, behind the scenes photos, and exclusive interviews with the cast, Fallacious is on Facebook, and you can also find it on Twitter.


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