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Gigli. Ben Affleck will never live down Gigli, and he shouldn't.

I get it. As an actor, you don't want to be put in a box. When you land the role of a lifetime as one of the biggest comic book heroes in history, it's important to make sure the masses that just watched lasers shoot out of your eyes see that you have a wide acting range — that you are more than just a nice body with special abilities. So, you sign on to a romantic comedy as your next project. A soft, sweet love story with funnies to boot, co-starring with one of Hollywood's cutest female/male leads. What could go wrong, right? EVERYTHING!

Sometimes it's not easy for action stars to crossover into romantic comedy territory, or maybe the script is just THAT awful, or perhaps there is just ZERO chemistry between the leading lovebirds. Whatever the case, these actors who played kick-ass superheroes on the big screen had no luck wooing audiences in the romantic comedies they starred in next. After these bombs, they are probably thanking the heavens for sequels!

9 Actors/Actresses Who Went On To Star In Horrible Romantic Comedies

1. Ryan Reynolds - The Change-Up

Ryan made his superhero debut as Wade Wilson in Wolverine: Origins, and then went on to do that hot mess Green Lantern, before he settled into Deadpool. Before Deadpool however, Ryan had a history of decent romantic comedies like The Proposal, all except for one: The Change-Up. Co-starring Jason Bateman, this bros before hoes flick was the Green Lantern of romantic comedies. It wasn't funny, wasn't romantic, and wasn't nearly as good of a bro-fest as movies it was trying to be like re: The Hangover. It's a good thing for Ryan that it's the type of movie no one will remember, while Green Lantern will haunt him forever.

2. Hugh Jackman - Someone Like You

After debuting as Wolverine (the BEST Wolverine that could ever live), Hugh decided to take his dashing good looks and accent and apply them to the female psyche. Hugh next starred in the romantic comedy Someone Like You with Ashley Judd. It's really sad, because the film had a good cast, but Hugh and Ashley had NO chemistry and fell flat on screen. Hugh played Ashley's womanizer of a roommate, whom she decides to study for a sex column she's writing. You guessed it, they are polar opposites and fall madly in love. I'll forgive Hugh for this one because Kate and Leopold.

3. Ben Affleck - Gigli

Poor Ben, he goes from starring in the worst possible adaptation of Daredevil ever to arguably the worst romantic comedy of all time that he starred in with his now ex fiancé, Jennifer Lopez. Ben was clearly trying to expand on what he thought was his and J.Lo's natural chemistry, but it backfired. The film was a FLOP, and might be one of the most made-fun of films ever. To this day, Ben still gets asked about this movie and why the f**c k he made it.

4. Chris Evans - What's Your Number

Heard of it? Ya, me neither. The film starred Chris Evans and Anna Faris, along with a slew of other popular comedic stars and even Chris Pratt himself! None of that, however, was enough to get the film out of the gate. I LOVE both Chris and Anna, but it clearly was a disaster. Thank the heavens Chris stuck closer to home with The Avengers right after. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Watch the trailer, you'll see what I mean.

5. Eric Bana - Lucky You

I have the unpopular opinion that Eric Bana was a great Hulk. While a tad long, his Hulk film was good, and he and Jennifer Connelly were the perfect on screen together. Eric and Drew Barrymore? Not so much. In Lucky You, Bana plays a reckless poker player who is just as reckless with his women, until Drew Barrymore changes his ways. This snore-fest did not get lucky with the box office, that's for sure. HULK SMASH!

6. Aaron Eckhart - Love Happens

See, this one breaks my heart. Aaron Eckhart is PERFECT for romantic comedies! He was perfect as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight too — like, this guy was made to swoon over. So, what happened? I don't know, but Love Happens was just bad. Jennifer Aniston was just Jennifer Aniston as usual, and it just went downhill from there. Even the trailer is boring, see?

7. Brandon Routh - Table For Three

This ex-Superman's try at romantic comedy was not so super. It's too bad though, because the cast in Table For Three is awesome! Sofia Bush and Jennifer Morrison? Perfection! Except that this film went straight to DVD. Brandon plays a newly single guy who takes in an overbearing couple while starting a new relationship. Things go sour when they continuously disrupt a new budding romance. Sounds pretty decent, right? Nope. Just like Superman Returns, this film just never should have happened.

8. Alicia Silverstone - Excess Baggage

Remember when Cher was Batgirl? Yikes, unfortunately me too. OK, don't hate me, but I kinda love Excess Baggage. It's so bad, that it's so good. I mean, come on, a young Benicio del Toro? Yes please! And nothing could be worse than Batman and Robin, right? Wrong. Alicia Silverstone's attempt to get back to her Clueless status totally failed, but oh so brilliantly. Yeah, I liked it, don't judge me, check it out.

9. James Franco - Camille

Ok, this is the weirdest, worst romantic comedy on the list. I mean, weirder than James Franco's Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3. Basically, James marries Sienna Miller even though he doesn't love her, then she dies on the way to their honeymoon destination. Oh no, that's just the first 15 minutes of the movie; we aren't done. See, her corpse comes back to life and goes on the honeymoon adventure with her husband as her body falls apart, and he falls in love. This is a real movie folks, and it's not good. Don't get me wrong, James Franco does weird well, but honestly, throughout the whole movie he seems like someone is holding a gun to his back to film it!

These actors and actresses may have brought some of the most iconic comic book heroes and villains to the screen, but they really should have stopped there. Look, romantic comedies are hard to get right and are very different to superhero movies! You need some good looking actors, a ridiculously unrealistic romance, and a really cheesy script, so — wait, come to think of it, superhero films are more like romantic comedies than I thought. So how did these guys get it wrong?! We will never know, but what we do know is that these romantic comedies should never have seen the light of day. Except for Excess Baggage, because I hate to love it.


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