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*Warning* If you have not seen this Monday's shocking episode of Bates Motel, or are not simply caught up, there are spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!

Ready? Okay.

This week, Bates Motel delivered one of the craziest episode's of Season 4. Especially that shocking ending which had our jaws drop, and that wasn't even the finale!

So the question is, is Norma Bates really dead?! I didn't even see that coming but as this show is based of the movie Psycho, it seemed like it was just the way they wanted it to go. In Psycho, Norman's mother does die, but I didn't think they would completely go through with that route!

Let's recap towards the end of the episode!

As Norma comes home heartbroken and in state of pain after getting into a huge argument with Alex, she breaks down in front of Norman in the kitchen. As she quickly begins to hyperventilate, Norman catches her and embraces his mother in a warm hug as she weeps.

Norma is then in her room as she writes a breakup letter to Romero saying that she will always love him no matter what and takes off her wedding ring and puts it in the letter. That's when Norman comes in as he tries to soothe Norma into falling asleep and puts in happy, peaceful thoughts into her head. Letting her imagine a world of vacations and going to Oahu, Norman sings her to sleep. You know, this all would have been so nice and all and surely a great getaway if Norman wasn't psychotic and just downright dangerous!

As Norma finally falls asleep, this is when everything starts to get even more freaky! He heads down into the basement to light the furnace, which he then leads to closing all the vents in the entire house. "Mr. Sandman" plays in the background, to make it even more daunting and extra creepy than it already is. Norman heads back upstairs to lay in bed next to his mother as he too plans to fall asleep making that the end of both their lives.

This is it? A murder-suicide, plan? Was Norma his victim all along? It definitely looked like it was Romero he was targeting as he felt that he was getting in between him and his mother and that infuriated him to say the least.

And oh! Speaking on Romero. My heart broke for him. As he drives back to the house to check on Norma after their fight (seriously, he's the best) he enters the house only to find everything strangely quiet and dark and that is when he finds Norma and Norman in bed and completely unresponsive. The carbon monoxide hits and he knew instantly to bring in fresh air. He attempts to save both of them as he drags Norma first, then Norma outside of the room to get them oxygen. He tries to do CPR, and resuscitate Norma as helplessly as he could as he panics intensely. Norma is unresponsive and looks to be dead. Romero breaks down, hovering his face towards Norma. What an absolutely heart-wrenching scenes, just seeing Romero like that, emotions so vulnerable and so raw. Applauding Nestor Carbonell for his great acting once again!

Back to our initial question, is Norma Bates really gone? After all of this? The struggles and battles she faced time after time with Norman and her dark past only to be murdered by her son? Her life was just getting better with Romero around. She deserved that happiness and now she's...dead?

I'm feeling even more nervous for next week's season finale and how exactly the aftermaths of this week's episode will pan out.

Some extra thoughts throughout the episode...

  • Really applauded the fact that Dylan put his foot down earlier in the episode with Norma about his relationship with her and the state of Norman's mental health. He's been put to the side for so long and I'm so glad he was able to voice his concerns for the only family he never felt like he actually belonged to. ALSO, gimme more Dylemma, please!
  • anyone going to find where Emma's mom's body is? It's been way too long!
  • Outstanding performances by Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore and Nestor Carbonell. They play these complex characters to well, it's hard not get so mesmerized by them.

Don't miss the Season 4 finale of Bates Motel next Monday, at 9pm/8c only on A&E.


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