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It was teased by a few pictures and we finally got to see it. The first trailer of the long-awaited Assassin's Creed movie was finally unveiled last night and it didn't miss its target. The adaptation of the famous franchise -starring Michael Fassbender - transports us to the 15th century during the Spanish Inquisition.

The Irish actor plays Callum Lynch and Aguilar, ancestor of the former and member of the Assassins, a secret order fighting an eternal war against their mortal enemies, the Templars. Lynch revives the memories of his ancestor thanks to the Animus, a technology developed by Abstergo Industries.

The internet reacted rather positively to this first trailer and some even think that this movie could break the curse of video game movies.

However, nothing's perfect and the music was, for a lot of people, poorly chosen...

...Though, others tried to take it more lightly.

Someone also pointed out how badass the lady assassin - played by Ariane Labed - was in the trailer.

Elsewhere, some people jumped on the occasion to mock the infamous reputation of the Ubisoft franchise.

Obviously, the trailer didn't pleased everyone and those who didn't like it made their feelings pretty clear.

As you can see, the trailer left no one indifferent for better or worse and I have to admit, that leap of faith at the end left me completely speechless. But as someone said: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted".


Did the Assassin's Creed trailer met your expectations?


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