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Shadia Omer

Make some room for yet another superhero fan favorite tv show! Because freshman TV show, Supergirl has been renewed for season 2 and is heading over to the CW!

It has just been announced that Supergirl will officially be joining Arrow, The Flash AND DC's Legends of Tomorrow all on the same network and all I gotta say is welcome to the family! All four shows on the same network?! YES PLEASE!

Oh, and Producer of all four series, Greg Berlanti is pretty much taking over the CW right now. WHOA!

Does mean we'll get more crossovers with Barry and Kara?! The Flash & Supergirl crossover was surely a success earlier this year, and seeing them together again on the same screen would be even more amazing!

Honestly, I thought Supergirl should've just been on The CW from the start. CBS is cool and all, but The CW would have been the home it belonged to first but now that it's moving to that network, it shall be AWESOME.

Reports are saying that now that Supergirl is moving it's filming location from Los Angeles to Vancouver now (like the other three shows film their shows) would help bring down some of the cost from filming Season 1. Looks like budget will change, but it will be manageable.

Looking forward to the lineup for fall TV shows next year on The CW! Who will share the weeknight airtime with Supergirl? Curious now!


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