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Rest easy, Kara Zor-El fans. Supergirl has been officially renewed... but not at CBS. As has been rumored over the past week, the superhero show will officially move to The CW to join its counterparts The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. All four shows are produced by Greg Berlanti, and The Flash and Supergirl enjoyed a quite lovely crossover last season.


It's likely that there will be some changes in store for the show with the move, including shifting the production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where the other CW shows are shot.

CW budgets are substantially lower than CBS and thus we may see some casting or format adjustments, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The biggest question is whether or not Supergirl will remain a separate, parallel universe from what fans have dubbed the Arrow-verse or if they'll find some crazy clever comic book method of combining them into one.

The CW likes to cross pollenate all of its DC shows, so even if Supergirl exists in a parallel world, it's a sure thing that she'll be meeting up with the rest of the Arrow-verse soon enough.

And hat means more of this, which will never be a bad thing:

(Source: Deadline)


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