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HBO has dropped a new batch of photos from the upcoming ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 episode 4. The Episode has been titled “Book of the Stranger” and will air on 15th may. Now that Game Of Thrones isn’t following the book anymore the upcoming episodes will be full of surprises for all kinds of fans.

So let’s take a look at these photos.
1. Finally! Finally! Littlefinger makes his first appearance on season 6. He is one of the most intelligent and one of the most interesting characters of ‘Game Of Thrones’. While people have been waiting to see if Jon Snow gets resurrected or not; I’ve always been more excited to know about what Lord Baelish is up to. What do you think his next great move will be? The picture bears a calculative expression! Would he be trying to convince lords of the vale to head north?
Lord Baelish Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4
2. On the second image, here we have Tyrion standing before the unsullied; on the steps of his Meereen pyramid. He is probably there to greet the masters of Yunkai and Astapoor.
Tyrion- Meereen Pyramids- Season 6 GOT


3. We also see Theon reuniting with his sibling. Maybe this time there won’t be as much feels as there was the first time. But now since their dad is dead and since his uncle Euron returned. They should consider making their sibling bond stronger for survival. Especially since now they are on a much similar level than before. Biologically at-least!

4. We also get a look at Oleanna Tyrell and Kevan Lannister. I have a feeling that they might collaborate with the High Sparrow for the time being.

Olenna Tyrell Season 6 Game Of Thrones
Olenna Tyrell Season 6 Game Of Thrones

5. And here’s a look at the ‘Mother of the Dragons chilling at the happy wives club. Her expression says it all.

Khaleesi Game Of Thrones Season 6
Khaleesi Game Of Thrones Season 6

6. Also we see 2 best-friends Dario and Jorah looking out for something. Looks like they are somewhere near where Daenerys is being held.

Dario Neharis and Jorah- Game Of Thrones Season 6
Dario Neharis and Jorah- Game Of Thrones Season 6

Things look quite interesting. Though we didn’t get to see any more glimpse of the guy who was brought back to life on the last episode.


If you have any thoughts, theories or predictions that you want to share. Comment down bellow.

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