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It is being reported by Birth. Movies. Death that Willem Dafoe will play an Atlantean in the upcoming Justice League movie. This may come as a surprise to many as Dafoe isn't exactly the most obvious choice for a member of Aquaman's kin. After learning that Dafoe would feature in the movie, a lot of people probably assumed that it would be in some kind of political role on the surface world.

Even more surprising is the news that he will be on the side of good. Honestly, when I heard that Dafoe would play an Atlantean I assumed that he would be involved in some kind of power struggle. I placed him as a jealous member of the Atlantean royal family that wanted to overthrow the prince and take the throne.

Willem Dafoe is of course no stranger to playing the villain as he has previously portrayed Norman Osbourne in Sam Raimi's iteration of Spider-Man. DC clearly do not want to look like they are rehashing things already done in Marvel's movies, so they are casting Dafoe as a good guy. What this also tells us is that Justice League: Part One will be spending enough time in Atlantis to introduce new characters from that region of the DC universe. DC and Warner Bros. attempting to do the opposite of what the fans expect is no bad thing.

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