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We've all seen how much potential Paul Blackthorne (Captain Lance) has in Arrow. He nails every scene he has. Even during the time of the series when I didn't like his character, I liked that he made me not like him. Only a really good actor can make you feel that way.

Over the four seasons, we've seen Lance angry, wisecracking, grieving, stoic, and determined, but there is so much more story to him. And now that he's on his own, I hope the Arrow writers will find a place for the good Captain that doesn't always involve the police station. Even though Lance isn't a hero with a mask, he's still a hero and a character who has done so much with the little he's been given.

Remember this scene when Lance was helping his daughter, Sara, fight the League of Assassins? I laughed out loud when he pulled out his back-up piece and shoots the assassin with a quip. The line was delivered with just the right amount of snark even during a life and death sequence.

Or how about this scene when he didn't want Sara to suffer so, taking Damien Darhk's advice, he intended to shoot her. I don't think he could have ever actually gone through with it, but the emotions displayed here were so raw and spot on.

I don't think anyone can forget this scene when Lance, still entrenched in his grief over the loss of Sara, blamed Oliver for all the darkness in the city and ripped the hero mantle away. Clearly, he was a man still in a lot of pain.

Then in Season Four, we see a different side of Captain Lance. Besotted with Donna, he can't stop grinning. He plays the part of a goofy guy in love perfectly, even when he and Donna are caught canoodling by her daughter, Felicity.

Then things for Quentin take a darker turn when he testifies against Damien Darhk, telling the world how he was a pawn in Darhk's sick, twisted game of world dominance. As much as Lance didn't want to testify, he did what he had to do in an attempt to keep Darhk behind bars...and he paid a price.

Standing over Laurel, seconds after she's passed away, Lance is devastated. This scene ripped away a piece of my heart. Here was a man who'd lost everything, and he wasn't sure if he could survive.

Now, do you see why Quentin Lance deserves a bigger role? Paul Blackthorne can do anything with the material he's given; he just needs to be given more of it!

Do you think Paul Blackthorne needs a larger role in Arrow?


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