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It's a sad day for us Peggy Carter fans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC have decided not to pick up Marvel's Agent Carter for a third season.

My thoughts exactly, Peggy.
My thoughts exactly, Peggy.

Marvel's Agent Carter was a critical success when it premiered back in January 2015. Fans were shocked when ABC renewed the series for a second season as many believed it to be a one season show. The second season premiered earlier this year to less viewers than before. The series wrapped up it's second season in March, and while critics have been kind to the show, the viewing figures weren't spectacular. It's unfortunate that we have been left on somewhat of a cliffhanger and it's even less satisfying that we never got to see Peggy assume control of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Perhaps in the future we will see a limited season or one-off special to wrap up the storylines, because Peggy Carter is such an important character in the history of the MCU, and Marvel comics in general, so it's only fair that we give her the send off that she deserves. Netflix, maybe?

So do we, Peggy. So do we.

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