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As a huge fan of video games, I'm always looking for new and interesting games to keep the industry fresh. Thanks to the lovely people at, I recently got to try out the new FPS/MOBA, 'Battleborn'. It only recently came out this month, and I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who have been hesitant on actually buying it. Is 'Battleborn' worth your money? Let's go ahead and weigh out the pros and cons shall we?



One of the game's biggest attractions is how it looks. Not only do the graphics appear sleek and stylish, but they also have a modern and up-to-date feel. This game definitely has no problem showing off its unique and bright visuals to help lighten up the mood, as opposed to a lot of other modern day first-person shooters. It reminds you that you're here to have fun. Whether it's the opening animated cut-scene in the campaign, or the actual game-play, this game is beautiful look at.

Characters Galore

Another definitive trait this game has to offer is its diverse cast of playable characters. They are all fun to play as, and entertaining to watch. Which isn't too surprising as this game was brought to us by 2K Studios, the same people behind the 'Borderlands' franchise.

Everyone feels like their own unique character that offers a new way to play the game. With a total of 25 on the roster, you'll never be bored trying new characters to find your niche. Each one can be leveled in different ways with different variations and gear on them. Your play style will feel like your own, and it creates new and exciting matches when trying out different combinations against each other.

So Much Humor You'll Feel Like You're In An MCU Movie!

As I said before, it's fun just to watch these characters interact with one another. Apparently they wanted everyone to act like Tiny Tina from 'Borderlands 2' because all of the characters like to bust out jokes and act immature. That being said, it for the most part works and I was smiling anytime one of the characters had something to say. Even the enemies busted out little quips as well. There are times when I feel the game overreaches in its attempts at comedy and there are jokes that simply do not land, but for the most part it's entertaining.


One great feature is the game's player progression. Right out the gate, the story's Co-Op mode and the online Multiplayer are connected in both their loot and progress when leveling your character. So thankfully nothing you gain in one area of the game is out of bounds in the other. This relieves a lot of the stress of getting unlocks in whichever mode you decide to play.

Loot and packs are all earned in-game, and they promised to never make the game pay-to-win. So you never have to worry about someone buying themselves to the top of the leaderboards. Balancing characters and their power level is also done well, with power shards needed to equip certain items. Some of which even having negative effects.

High Octane Fun!

The subtitle says it all. This game (when balanced correctly) is a blast to play. The game tries to balance team-based game-play with the traditional twitch shooter. However, more thought must be placed when attacking enemy players. Very rarely will you be able to run and gun your way to victory. You have to strategically advance and retreat to take out your enemies. It is very easy to lose the track of time when playing, and you're guaranteed hours of good time, especially if you are playing with friends.


Lack Of Content

Of course I'm not speaking character wise, but game mode and map wise. The versus mode in the game only has 3 different modes, and a total of two maps with each. Also, it is quite apparent that some modes are more popular than others, so it can be difficult to find a game in the different mode you want to play.

The story also suffers from not having much in it. There are only a total of 8 missions that can be completed in two or three sittings (or one if you're a truly dedicated player). It just feels like more could've been added compared to what we got.


I realize the game is still fresh out and there was bound to be problems like this, but regardless it can't be ignored. 'Battleborn's' matchmaking can feel very broken at times. It's even worse if you're a new player.

In other team-based games, like 'League of Legends', you feel as if your personal contribution really matters. Here, a lot of the time it can be one member in your team carrying everyone, or one team that becomes way more leveled up than the other. Which just leads to the complete obliteration of the opposing weaker team. It's getting better now, but serious action needs to happen in dealing with this.

Story Mode

I previously touched on the story earlier and how it lacked missions, but how is the actual story we get? It's unfortunately quite 'Battleboring'. It starts off interestingly enough, but ends up quite lackluster, with no true motivation given for the villains or the heroes, and you just end up going through the motions and doing what you have to in order to progress.

Along with that, it feels as if little thought was put into designing the missions. They mainly consist of horde modes where you survive a large wave of brain-dead AI, or escort missions. Otherwise known as 'Destiny Syndrome' (not a real thing, but you get the point). I've always been a stickler for engaging stories, and you won't really find one here.

In the end 'Battleborn' felt lacking in some parts, and did leave me a little disappointed. However, I can safely say I spent more time with the game happily enjoying it rather than disliking it. So yeah, this game is a 'Play' in my book and I give it a solid 7/10. However, I would wait for at least a small drop in price before picking it up, as the full $60 tag seems too much for what's there.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my review, and thanks again to everyone at Moviepilot for giving me the opportunity the try out the game! Let me know your thoughts on the game below, and don't forget to vote on the poll!



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