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Today while at work, I decided to take a look in my local Iowa newspaper to see what silly shenanigans were going on in my home community of around 30-40,000 people. To my utmost surprise, I see the headline, "Captain America is a superhero flop."

This inspired me to write today's article

Superhero flop
Superhero flop

I first want to start with: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I for sure have mine, and I'm sure many of you reading this right now have yours. But this little newspaper article in a my small town community begs the question: How high has the bar been set in Hollywood that a movie that grosses $765M worldwide in six days considered a flop?

You seem defensive
You seem defensive

I finally had time to experience Captain America: Civil War, and honestly left the theater feeling it was very much like any other Avengers-based movie — which is excellent. I agree with everyone that Spidey and Black Panther were standouts in the film. And I'm more than excited to see Tom Holland as Spider-Man in his solo film Spider-Man: Homecoming. But also, I think the reason many of us felt that way about those characters is because they were what was different or the X factor of Civil War. It was cool to see Scott Lang too! :)

Back to my point

I suppose it's the use of the word "flop" that doesn't sit well with me. I'm definitely no film critic. And I love everything comic book film. But I tend to judge movies not based on what someone else tells me or the budget. I base movies on how they make me feel before I walk into the theater and how I feel after I walk out. I truly can only name a few movies in this genre that have moved my spirit, so to speak. For example: The Dark Knight, Matrix Reloaded, The Avengers, even Avatar.

Yeah I threw BvS in there!
Yeah I threw BvS in there!

I guess what I'm trying to wrap my mind around is: Has the bar been set so high with these films that soon you will have to make $1B worldwide in an opening weekend or you're considered a "flop" (i.e. Batman v Superman)

I think we all sometimes need to take step back and appreciate these films for what they are before we destroy them. Us movie nerds are living in great times. This is our golden age. Let us not bring on the dark ages!

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Do you think 'Captain America: Civil War' is a "Flop?"


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