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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's personality has been under harsh scrutiny since entering the NFL back in 2011. Whatever criticisms fans may have could be dashed by any amount of research to view all of the charity work that Newton does throughout Charlotte, but you can see a quick look here in this trailer for his new show All in With Cam Newton:

The show is set to follow Newton as he travels regions of the Carolina's and Los Angeles doing his best the help make kids dreams come true. Doesn't matter whether they want to be a famous basketball player or a jazz singer, Cam Newton is going to help make it happen.

From the first glance, this looks like an fun reality show. Newton has an infectious personality that can keep an audience like Nickelodeon's entertained. At the least it looks like a comical show that will tug at heartstrings when we see these kids get their wishes fulfilled.

Newton is already well known in the charity world despite what his reputation may say.

For anyone that is not an NFL fan, Newton is known for dancing and having over the top celebrations after a touchdown or other football merits. It's a natural reaction for people to view these actions as arrogance, and to a degree it is arrogance, but I can't think of many NFL players who don't show a degree of arrogance, it's just a way of carrying yourself for most players in the NFL. Hopefully this show will help change some peoples views of Cam Newton for the better.

You cannot change people's opinions though, and while Cam Newton may always have this stigma surrounding him for the rest of his career, but I hope some people can looks past the dancing and celebrations and appreciate all the good that he and other NFL players do for their communities. While they get paid handsomely, it is still nice to see them take time out of their perfect lives to help less fortunate.

All in With Cam Newton is set to premiere June 3rd on Nickelodeon.

What do you guys think about All in With Cam Newton? Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!


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