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Hey everybody! We will all be celebrating another Friday the 13th. Which gives us a day to watch one of our favorite slashers, Jason Voorhees. I compiled a list of my favorite Friday the 13th films, in no particular order. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Friday the 13th Part 2

This film starts with a bang! A mysterious man finds Alice, the final girl from the first film, and kills her with an ice pick to the temple. After five years, a camp next to Camp Crystal Lake is training some of their camp counselors. They start getting killed off one by one. This is the first appearance Jason Voorhees. In this film he wears a sack over his head with an eye hole cut out. Although it is not his classic hockey mask, there is something terrifying about his mask. The film had some great kills, the couple Jason kills by shoving a spear through both of them, and I still can't believe he shoved a machete through the face of a guy in a wheelchair.

Friday the 13th Part 3

Picking up right after the second film, Jason has survived and stumbled upon a group of friends staying at a secluded cottage. The cottage belongs to Chris' family, who has had a previous run-in with Jason, but managed to get away. That incident still haunts her. This is the film where Jason dons his famous hockey mask for the first time. The kills in this film were kicked up a notch. From a harpoon to the face to Jason squeezing a guys head so hard his eye pops out. Chris, played by Dana Kimmell, is one of my favorite final girls of the Friday the 13th series.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Jason wakes up from an axe to the head, kills a doctor and a nurse, then heads back to Crystal Lake. On his way back, he comes across two neighboring homes. One is being used by a group of teenagers and the other is owned by a mother living with her teenage daughter and young son. The film's ending has young Tommy, played by Corey Feldman, shaving his head to go toe-to-toe with Jason. One of the best shots of the film comes when Tommy hits Jason in the face with his machete, Jason falls to the floor while landing on the machete, and then his head slides down the machete.

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6

Tommy returns, unable to believe that Jason is actually dead. He and his friend dig up Jason's grave and open his casket. Tommy becomes enraged and stabs him with a metal fence rod. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes the rod and revives Jason. This is the start of Zombie Jason. He is given a newer look in this film, more like a hunter. Tommy stops at nothing to make sure Jason stays dead. He must get to Crystal Lake and return Jason to the lake. The best kills have to be Jason shoving the girls face into the mirror, leaving her face impression in the wall, and when he bends the Sheriff back until his back breaks.

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood

Of course I have to include this one, it's the first film where Kane Hodder played Jason. He brought a much scarier presence to our favorite slasher. In this film, Jason is released from his underwater restraints by a teenage girl with telekinetic abilities. Once again, Jason violently kills a bunch of teens one by one. However, Jason meets his match when he finally faces Tina and her special abilities. One of my favorite kills is when Melissa, the bitch of the film, opens the front door where Jason is waiting, she gets an axe to the face and is then thrown across the room.

Freddy vs Jason

Before you start getting upset, let me explain. Ever since fans saw Freddy's glove pop up at the end of Jason Goes to Hell, we've been waiting for these two icons to come face to face. Now I agree this wasn't the greatest film, the acting was pretty bad and I wish Jason would have been played by Kane Hodder. However, seeing this in theaters with fans constantly yelling for their favorite slasher, was a great experience. The final battle was pretty awesome! Freddy got a more demonic face lift towards the end, which looked cool. When I see these two horror giants stand face to face in that cabin it's such an awesome feeling. The best kill had to be Jason stabbing that guy in the back with his machete and then folding the bed in half with him in it.


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