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Possible Season 7 and Comic book Spoilers ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

So TWD S6 finale gave us an annoying cliffhanger which kept us theorizing, who did Negan kill? Today I'm here to finally show you my theory, I've had this theory even before Negan got Introduced in the TV show, I think episodes 3-15? Wanna know why? I'll give you a keyword: -Relationships-

But let's recall the characters that Negan has in captive:

Rick, Carl, Aaron, Michonne, Eughene, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita

Let's cancel off the ones I think that Aren't going to get killed.

Rick, Carl, Aaron, Eugene, Maggie, Sasha, Rosita.

The Reason: Rick and Carl are obvious, We need to explore more about Aaron, I really think that Eugene will have a really good Character Development, I don't think Negan is going to kill a girl, and I heard a man's voice trying hard to get some air when the "guy" got hit by Lucille.

This leaves us with 3 people.


(not really my bet)

Feels bad man
Feels bad man

Daryl had a good run in the show, If this is going to be his last season I'm really going to be devastated. A true walking dead fan will never stop watching TWD even if his/her favorite character/s got killed. But in the start of the mid-season break episodes, it has been though for him, got played by Dwight and trying to kill him, Carol going away, Losing to Jesus (tbh, funniest episode yet).

*Spoiler in the comics*
And due to the appearance of Jesus, if you know him in the comics, he is the right-hand man of Maggie, the leader of the Hill-top Colony. But if the writers would change it, Jesus may become Rick's Right-hand Man. My theories about Daryl getting killed off aren't solid enough, that's why he is my least bet.


(not my best bet)

Not my fellow Asian.
Not my fellow Asian.

This dude survived so many times, but every luck has an end, there's no forever. Due to Maggie's pregnancy, I think he's gonna die, and why you ask? Remember Lori? Rick's deceased wife? Well, I think history is going to repeat itself, with a twist, this time, it's the father's turn to die, but that's not my theory, it's not even a theory, let's put it like a speculation, it started waaay back, They've been teasing and foreshadowing this moment ever since, the recent tease is Glenn's supposed death in episode 3 of the 6th season. And my most memorable tease, Glenn and Maggie Having a baby. When another life begins, another ends. I tried not get close to the comic book Glenn. But if the writers are really going to go with the comic book story, then so be it.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!

due to the recent news reports: Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus saved some car crash victims while heading

to the set. Making my entire theory of them, kinda debunked. But hey, It's a good read though. Right?

Wait, there's still someone we almost missed.....


(This is my best bet)

RIP Barbarian King
RIP Barbarian King

I'm sorry Abraham, but all my theory kills lead to you, If you know Abraham, he's Rick's Right-hand man after Tyreese's Death. But in the TV Show it's Daryl, you guys know that. If we try following the patterns of Rick's right-hand man in the comics all of them are dead, and I haven't been active in the comics so I don't know Rick's right-hand man today. But Shane and Tyreese are dead both in the comics and TV show so does that mean he's the next one to die? Remember Dr. Denise Cloyd, Episode 14? with Rosita and Daryl? She got shot in the right eye, right? comic book readers would know that Abraham was the one that got shot in the right eye by Dwight. But In my theory, they saved Abraham's Death for the season 7 for more of a dramatic experience. another theory is through my speculation, Abraham's Relationship with his group (Rosita and Eugene) almost broke this season, and seeing he has another "girlfriend", which is Sasha, I think he's really going to die next season, Remember the "scene" of sneaky Eugene, it turns out Rosita and Abraham's Relationship isn't really like that.

"When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth. You're not"

Well, considering the age gap between those two, LOL, and it does really show true love.

But all jokes aside. You know TWD and their Lovey-Dovey couples, Remember Carol and Axel? How about Rick and Jessie? Tara and Denise?

But hey, It's just a theory..... I don't want to copy The Game/Film Theorist, but I really want to.

So guys? Who do you think Got Lucille'd?
Leave a comment on how I did as a first timer, I would appreciate it.
any Negative comments and counter-theory would be okay too, I will learn from my mistakes, just don't make it personal okay?


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